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Monday, 27 January 2014


BREAKING NEWS: This is an email from the EPA to air quality districts that were to monitor for radiation fallout back in 2011 from Fukushima. This was obtained with a Freedom of Information Act request by University of California Santa Cruz lecturer Dan Hirsch who has been a radiation expert for over 40 year .The highlighted sentence says, "EPA HQ has decided at this time to not deploy the deployable RADNET monitors to CA, OR and WA." So at the height of the emergency the central coast, the very spot where the radioactive plume was supposed to hit, the EPA had no working monitors for the air quality in Monterey, Santa Cruz, San Luis Obispo or Santa Barbara counties. Why?!

HERE'S THE THING: Typically when it comes to environmental disasters, the EPA takes the lead role in reporting environmental disasters to the public. But in the case of Fukushima, in March and April 2011, at the height of the Fukushima emergency, the pronuclear Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the pronuclear Department of Energy stepped in and told the EPA we'll take things from here. Why was that?? That needs to be investigated. Why was the typical role of the EPA usurped like that?

So we really have no clue how much radiation was in the air on the central coast in the days and weeks after the Fukushima accident thanks to the government's purposeful coverup. DID THE NUCLEAR LOVING NUCLEAR REGULATORY COMMISSION AND THE NUCLEAR LOVING DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY SUGGEST TO THE EPA THAT THEY DO THIS??? After all, they were running the show at the time. A Congressional investigation needs to be launched to find out.

Hirsch said we do know from a monitor in Bakersfield, before it broke in mid-march, that radioactive air quality was spiking.

WHOSE IDEA WAS IT TO NOT MONITOR THE AREAS THAT PROJECTIONS WERE SAYING WOULD BE HARDEST HIT BY THE NUCLEAR PLUME?? WE SURE WOULD LIKE TO KNOW. Knowing what was coming, somebody's thinking was if we don't monitor the nuclear poison, we can say it doesn't exist. The agency that came up with that plan needs to be held accountable.
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