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Thursday, 16 January 2014

The Silenced Majority

By Marnie Dawson
from Occupy The  Nuclear Regulatory Commission NRC THINK TANK

As you may have heard, Amy Goodman with Democracy Now! is going to Japan this weekend and will be doing some broadcasts from there. We posted the following to her events page as some suggestions for things to investigate regarding Fukushima and the nuclear industry in general. It is LONG but is a VERY COMPREHENSIVE POST for those people who care to know the whole story.

1. Investigate the fact that the Pronuclear International Atomic Energy Agency has lied, repeatedly, to people around the world. They have worked very hard to downplay and even hide the negative health risks associated with the poison that comes from the industry they so dearly love.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission in the US does the same.

TEPCO hasn’t exactly been honest either, but the biggest problem still rests with the fact that the IAEA spreads lies from the top of the world all the way down to the individual countries so that nobody anywhere will want to get rid of their nuclear power plants. TEPCO is only helping to manifest the lies perpetuated by the IAEA.

2. What is going on the West Coast of the United States? Are these elevated levels from Fukushima? We really want to know.

3. How about the Pacific Ocean?

Why is it that sailors who do the round the world sailing trips noted this last go round that for 3,000 Nautical Miles of the trip from Osaka, Japan to the west coast of the United States THERE WAS NOTHING LIVING TO BE SEEN? "After we left Japan, it felt as if the ocean itself was dead," Macfadyen said. "We hardly saw any living things. We saw one whale, sort of rolling helplessly on the surface with what looked like a big tumour on its head. It was pretty sickening.

"I've done a lot of miles on the ocean in my life and I'm used to seeing turtles, dolphins, sharks and big flurries of feeding birds. But this time, FOR 3000 NAUTICAL MILES THERE WAS NOTHING ALIVE TO BE SEEN (emphasis added) We did the same race in 2003 and every time we put a lure in the water we pulled out a fish. [This time] we only caught two in the entire seven months.’’ "THE OCEAN IS BROKEN" he said, shaking his head in stunned disbelief.


4. Research the FDA "allowable" levels of nuclear poison in our food supply. It is a full 12X higher than what Japanese citizens are allowed to have, 1200 bq/kilo vs. 100 bq/kilo. Researchers close to Chernobyl, those who have studied and monitored what eating from nuclear poisoned soil does to people have said that 1200 bq/kilo is way, way, too high.

Multinational food companies heading to near Fukushima like vultures flocking for the cheapest ingredients possible on the front side so they can ultimately turn a larger profit on the back end.

They don’t care if your family suffers later because of it-- you can’t prove that their sourcing from a potentially poisoned area did that to you because your breast cancer, your thyroid cancer, or other mutations to your DNA from nuclear poison causing heart problems, severe birth defects to your children, and/or a whole host of other problems won’t manifest itself for years down the line so the hands of those multinational food companies are--according to them-- completely, 100%, clean. This greed needs to stop.

Independent research has shown health risks to women and children: For children with cesium 137 in excess of just 50 Becquerels/kg body weight, “pathological disorders of the vital organs or systems will occur.” These levels can produce grotesque malformations in newborn babies and increase the risk of spontaneous abortions." SO WHY IS THE FDA SETTING OUR “ACCEPTABLE” RATES OF NUCLEAR POISON AT 1200 bq/kilo? Does this seem right to you?

The US is STILL importing food from around Fukushima. Why is that? It is more important to save an economy than it is to save the health of people?

Interesting side note: The Nuclear Regulatory Commission insisted that the FDA has stopped sourcing from Japan. Here is how that information came out:

The NRC was contacted about the fact that the gov has recently bought 14 million potassium iodine pills-people wanted to know was the purchase made to protect the thyroid of those living on the West Coast due to Fukushima fallout in the United States? The answer, according to the NRC, was no. it was to repurchase the stockpile of pills required at our nuclear power plants. (You case a worse case scenario happens at one of the 100 "clean" "safe" nuclear power plants scattered all over our country.)

(Hideous that a supposedly clean, safe, nuclear industry requires you to swallow pills to protect your thyroid should they screw things up. Keep in mind those pills do NOT protect you against mutations of your DNA in other ways that could result in cancers, heart trouble, severe birth defects in your offspring, immune system problems making you susceptible to other illnesses, and the list goes on and on.)

Back to the NRC story related to the FDA. As you know, the FDA are the folks primarily in charge of monitoring the safety of our food supply. The NRC insisted the FDA was NOT allowing sourcing from Japan. We asked for documentations of that. She consulted her files...Then came back and said, sorry, I misread what it said. It said the FDA is CHECKING for nuclear contamination as things are imported. Well, the FDA only checks 1% of our total food supply and we seriously doubt they are using the proper equipment to test for nuclear contamination in that 1%.

The biggest way the FDA monitors the food supply is to allow the Japanese gov to tell the FDA what is safe and what is not safe. Does that make a whole lot of sense? Japan does not want to lose money on the outsourcing of food, it would kill their agricultural industry. Do you really think they are going to be truthful about it? Here is some indication about how things really are. Straight from the mouth of a Fukushima farmer.

The answer the nuclear protectionistic Nuclear Regulatory Commission gave was super concerning for several reasons:

1. The left hand is not talking to the right hand. The NRC supposedly knows everything about nuclear poison. So much so, instead of the usual protocol of the EPA being in charge of reporting out on environmental disasters, if any information is to be given to the public about nuclear contamination in our country from Fukushima fallout, it will supposedly be told to the public via the pronuclear Nuclear Regulatory Commission who doesn't even know that the FDA is NOT currently banning all food items from in and around Japan?! Why do they not know that?! Where is the coordination? She was so insistent that the ban was happening, does that mean that it should be? WE DEFINITELY THINK SO AS THERE IS NOTHING WORSE THAN THE POTENTIAL OF CONSUMING NUCLEAR POISON. IT IS NOT WORTH THE RISK, NOT EVEN IF IT MEANS HURTING THE JAPANESE ECONOMY BY STOPPING FOOD SOURCING FROM THERE. NOT EVEN IF IT MEANS THE NRC AND THE NUCLEAR INDUSTRY CAN NO LONGER HIDE THE LIES OF NUCLEAR BEING SOLD TO YOU AS "SAFE" AND "CLEAN"!

2. Did the NRC try to purposefully mislead us by stating that US government agencies were not allowing sourcing from Japan knowing full well that it is still going on? Are they purposefully lying to placate the general public knowing that that is what the public would want to hear --meantime nuclear poisoned food could be being mixed into our food supply? Somebody should investigate that as well.

If someone else asks them, will the Nuclear Regulatory Commission start out by saying the same thing to start? No...we are getting no food from Japan to lie to the public to try to put people's fears at ease but when you insist that the US government IS allowing fisherman and multinational food companies to do it--to mix into our food supply ingredients from there that can be frozen, bottled, canned etc. then shipped to our grocery store shelves --and you ask for a source reference that this is not being done and they are unable to produce any evidence to support their claim they all of a sudden change their story? Will they do that for you too? Investigate it. We would be very curious to know.

Multinational food companies admit that it is being done.

At least multinational food companies admit it is being done upfront--the bad part: As Amy Goodman says, we are currently the silenced majority --

While multinational food companies say yes, we are getting ingredients from Japan, PEPSICo, as an example, parent company to so many companies on our store shelf today, even goes so far as to say they source from within close proximity to the Fukushima nuclear power plant for our food supply.

But when citizens ask these companies please tell us what it is you get from there, the food companies refuse, citing proprietary information, none of your business. Sounds just like what Monsanto has done. According to these big multinational businesses, you are not entitled to know if your food has been genetically altered and you are not entitled to know if any ingredients were sourced from an area that could have been contaminated with nuclear poison. It is plain and simply not your right to know. AND THAT'S NOT RIGHT. THAT NEEDS TO CHANGE


5. Another piece that needs to be investigated is that there are claims that the EPA has also raised their levels of acceptable nuclear poison in our air and water. Interestingly, Obama tapped the former head of radiation monitoring in the US to be the head of the entire EPA. Gina McCarthy was running the radiation department when Fukushima happened and many of those monitoring stations were out of commission at the time. That would be interesting to investigate because some say that not all of the monitoring stations the EPA claimed were broken were really broken….
Some claim that some of the monitoring stations were turned off. If this is indeed the case, why were they turned off? Was there something coming in on those monitoring stations that were concerning and it was deemed better to turn off those stations than allow for true readings to come through?

Additionally, there have been reports that of the data that they did test, many of the materials came back as ND – None Detected but some reports have claimed that the ND for things like the deadly nuclear material Plutonium was not ND—it was actually NT – Not Tested!! A team should dig into that and investigate that claim as well. We deserve to know the truth.


Why are all these "acceptable" rates keep being raised instead of holding the nuclear industry accountable for not keeping their poison within the previously "allowable" rates of nuclear poison in our air, water, and food?

The fact is, even the previously allowable rates should NOT be considered allowable. Seriously, think about that. Nuclear poison in your food, air, and water supply at any level should NOT be acceptable to you!!!! This should not be acceptable to you either….The silence on all of this from the US government is explained by a famous scholar here


The nuclear industry would like you to believe long term exposure to low dose radiation is perfectly fine for you, they even bought and paid for a study ran by MIT to say so, but should we really believe a study that, even prior to the start of it, the researchers were told what the conclusions should be? Is this a real scientific study? It is what the nuclear industry uses as their go to study to “prove” low dose radiation is safe.


We have heard people speculate it can’t be due to nuclear poison b/call these animals are dying of something else—some disease, etc. But here’s the thing: One of the trademarks of nuclear poison is compromising immune systems making animals (and people) more susceptible to diseases.

So before people are quick to dismiss the animal die offs in the ocean as not even possibly because of the nuclear industry's ongoing over 1,000 day nuclear poison spill into the Pacific Ocean, those animals should be tested for nuclear poison in their system by nonbiased, nonnuclearprotectionistic agencies.

For those of you still reading, we really hope there are some of you left, here are some other important things to think about. Among other things, that the TPP is an extension of the military industrial complex. President and Former General Eisenhower warned us about all of it back in 1961.

Other good information here

Democracy Now, One of your videos from back in 2011. Still relevant today. "We speak with leading Japanese cultural anthropologist and environmentalist Keibo Oiwa in Yokohama. He is the founder of the Sloth Club, Japan’s leading "Slow Life" environmental group. “I’m realizing again that democracy is so hollow now. We do not have power,” Oiwa says. “We have been controlled by the government and the Tokyo Electric Company, a private company... We have to really look for a lifestyle and a way of thinking again, to live again with harmony, in harmony with nature.” "

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