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Thursday, 2 January 2014

Regarding Anti-Radiation Reseach Wave form tech : (This goes out to Grumpier as well), From the Hutchinson/ Lazarion peeps....

Regarding Anti-Radiation Reseach Wave form tech : (This goes out to Grumpier as well), From the Hutchinson/ Lazarion peeps....
[personal snip]
Dear All,

My husband, John Hutchison is a man of few words.
I have been the bridge for communicating with others the amazing work that John is doing, eliminating radioactive contamination.

In 2005 a paper written by Ken Shoulders was presented to MIT --use the Hutchison's technology to eliminate radioactive contamination. In the past, Shoulders had developed micro-electronics with MIT, so one would think they would be receptive. Diagrams and results were part of the paper submitted. There was no response from MIT. Ken Shoulders recently died of cancer. He lived in San Francisco.
So, "they" already know how to fix the mess, but "they" are not doing so.

We established a nonprofit, Life Ray ( to be the method of OPEN SOURCING and GIVING FOR FREE Hutchison's knowledge and technology to eliminate radioactive contamination.
Life Ray is located on the southern coast of Oregon. We have a large amount of equipment that we are currently using to create a type of frequency shield. The radiation contacts the shield and is quickly made inert -- no longer radioactive. However the area we can reach is limited, with effectiveness dropping off around a 100 mile radius. We are "safe", others are not.

We are NOT seeking money. However, we are seeking the ENERGY and ACTION of people. Action necessary so that they can live.
People have asked, "what can we, the average people, do?"
Below is a list of projects. Some are actively being worked on, others are possibilities.

1. Complete the "virtual lab that is being worked on. (Hutchison Anti-Radiation lab inside a computer)
The virtual lab will put into the HANDS of the PEOPLE the ability to eliminate the radiation.
A small team of dedicated men have been working on this with us for the past few months.
We are open sourcing the information at

2. Involved in the above group is the development of a crystal recorder/transmitter that can be used to record the exact signal that we produce here, and then broadcast the signal from the same device. It is a very delicate process to create these devices. Transporting them to other locations could be problematic, as a hard bump on the device will make it lose the recorded information. We would need to build some here, test them for the complete recording, then ship out to people and have them test to see if the recording is still intact. How to build the device has also been open sourced at the above website.

3. Get a ship, load our equipment on the ship and get over to Japan and target the damaged plant from offshore. This could resolve the immediate threat. However, Fukushima has already lethally contaminated the entire Earth. There will still be the matter of mopping up the entire mess.

4. Use just the tones. The system we have involves sending an audio track into a series of RF signal generators. The tones "tell" the RF signal generators "what to modulate". I have done extensive, detailed and grueling testing on the tones. Using a Geiger counter on radioactive samples, documenting in notebooks and videos. Here, in the lab, the tones are EFFECTIVE in reducing radiation, in and by themselves. However, we are "inside the frequency shield" that John has created with his equipment, so the positive results I achieved may be in part because I am increasing the effectiveness of the frequencies "inside our shield". Out of the hundreds (thousands?) of people who we have asked to "test the tones outside the shield", only FOUR have responded. Those four people have had substantially lower radiation in their immediate areas (about a 5 mile radius). The tones are open sourced at the above website,

5. Contact musicians and get them to "back mask" the tones in all their music. Contact radio stations and ask them to run the tones, very low volume in the background.

6. We have just acquired some very expensive, very powerful receiver/transmitter units. Ideal for expanding the frequency shield by someone picking up the signal with this equipment, then sending it to the next location. The challenge is that what we do know is "completely legal" because we use very low energy so that we are "within FCC regulations". These new units are very powerful, and are not "low energy". The units would need to be modified to comply with FCC regulations (which may make them less effective), or we need some type of "special permission" to use the units as they are. Also, we could "bounce" the signal to Japan and have some of these units set up around Fukushima.

The "average Joes" that realize how bad the radiation is, are locked in fear. We have heard the cries of the few, who ask us for something THEY can do to stop the contamination. This is the reason we are open sourcing and developing simple solutions for the "average Joes", It is those few, who are willing to act to save their lives and the lives of is those few.... that will determine if we get to the other side of this crisis.

If YOU have the knowledge, ability and/or talent to save other person's life, and you refuse...
or, if you know how to eliminate radioactive contamination and you aren't doing so, right now...
I hope you burn in hell.

YOU will be one of the few, or you will not.
There isn't time for writing a white paper from the vast record I have made, and then beg some government to do what they know they should have done from the beginning. It is not "in their plan" for us to survive.

Every person reading this email has already received a lethal dose of radiation. And you continue to be poisoned.
Your actions will determine whether you and those around you live.

Peace. Be well.
and my hope is that you will chose action instead of fear.

Nancy Hutchison
Executive Director

[end snip]
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