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Saturday, 25 January 2014

Nuclear Exodus: Pandora's Promise Was A Lie (Fukushima Documentary 2014)

Published on Nov 7, 2013
SpaceX, Tesla Motors, and Solar City had absolutely nothing to do with this production. It is purely a work for educational purposes by the Natural Disaster Protection Council. If you have any criticisms, levy them here.

(Written, directed, edited & narrated, by Rishi Kumar, Executive Director of the Natural Disaster Protection Council Inc.)

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Features scenes from the documentary Chernobyl Heart featuring Adi Roche, you can learn more about her organization here:

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In order of appearance:

Tears of Grief - Dbz Kai OST II
Amazing Grace - Kevin MacLeod
The Wrath of God In All Its Fury - Shiro Sagisu
Quiproquo - Shiro Sagisu
Return to Ash - Shiro Sagisu
Lux Aterna - Gyorgy Ligeti
Leonard - by Vivian Kubrick
Burning of Town Darien - James Horner
A Call to Arms - James Horner
After Antietam - James Horner
America the Beautiful - Jessica Roemischer
Preparations for Battle - James Horner
An Epitaph to War - James Horner
The Whipping - James Horner
Jupiter and Beyond - Gyorgy Ligeti
Brave Words, Braver Deeds - James Horner
The Year of the Jubilee - James Horner
Closing Credits - James Horner

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Music by Shiro Sagisu:

"Leonard" by Vivian Kubrick's "Leonard":

Music by Gyorgy Ligeti's:


Music by James Horner:

America the Beautiful by Jessica Roemischer:
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