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Sunday, 12 January 2014



I have been reading about what exactly happened and is still happening in Fukushima and have some more news to share. It seems that in response to the nuclear disaster in Japan in 2011 the US and Canadian governments decided to raise the safe radiation levels, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) made the following changes to their "safe radiation levels":

"A nearly 1000-fold increase for exposure to strontium-90;

A 3000 to 100,000-fold hike for exposure to iodine-131; and

An almost 25,000 rise for exposure to radioactive nickel-63.

The new radiation guidelines would also allow long-term cleanup thresholds thousands of times more lax than anything EPA has ever judged safe in the past."

Then the EPA claims that suddenly 8 out of 18 radiation monitors in Oregon, Washington, and California are not functioning properly and are being looked into. Saying the rest of the monitors are showing normal levels.

The worst is the EPA is supposed to be there to protect the environment and us, humans, and when the tough questions start being asked of them.....

"EPA officials, however, refused to answer questions or make staff members available to explain the exact location and number of monitors, or the levels of radiation, if any, being recorded at existing monitors in California."

Even more shockingly, the above link actually reports that both the Soviets and the Americans covered up more than 30 nuclear "events" between 1957 and 1985, more than 1 every year! Why? To keep the nuclear industry from getting shut down, to make some wealthy people even richer. This is pretty sick stuff.

"Officials at UC Berkeley have tested rain water that turned out to be 181 times the limit for drinking water. This is happening at the same time that our corporate media is telling the sheeple that there is absolutely nothing to worry about.

In the graph below, published by UC Berkeley, Iodine-131 peaked at 20.1 becquerels per liter, a measure of radioactivity, on the roof of Etcheverry Hall during heavy rains a week ago. The federal maximum level of iodine-131 allowed in drinking water is 0.111 becquerels per liter,"

Government covering up the #radiation threat from #Fukushima:


Shocking is not only that the White House is significantly raising so-termed 'safety levels' for nuclear radiation in drinking water and soil, but also that mainstream media are all too quiet about this assault on people's health.

Rather than doing something to reduce the dangers invisibly emanating from nuclear plants and enriched weaponry, the White House and the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) have apparently chosen to accommodate the nuclear industry rather than protect the population.

In the original article, published on the website of Helen Caldicott and also at Global Research, we read that the new 'safety levels' could increase a longstanding 1 in 10,000 person cancer rate to a rate of 1 in 23 persons exposed over a 30-year period.

Raising these radiation guides known as PAGs (Protective Action Guides), can only mean one or two things. Either, radiation levels in drinking water and soil are terribly high right now, due to Chernobyl and Fukushima for example, or they are expected be alarmingly high in the near future.


The White House has given final approval for dramatically raising permissible radioactive levels in drinking water and soil following “radiological incidents,” such as nuclear power-plant accidents and dirty bombs. The final version, slated for Federal Register publication as soon as today, is a win for the nuclear industry which seeks what its proponents call a “new normal” for radiation exposure among the U.S population, according Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER).

Issued by the Environmental Protection Agency, the radiation guides (called Protective Action Guides or PAGs) allow cleanup many times more lax than anything EPA has ever before accepted. These guides govern evacuations, shelter-in-place orders, food restrictions and other actions following a wide range of “radiological emergencies.” The Obama administration blocked a version of these PAGs from going into effect during its first days in office. The version given approval late last Friday is substantially similar to those proposed under Bush but duck some of the most controversial aspects:

In soil, the PAGs allow long-term public exposure to radiation in amounts as high as 2,000 millirems. This would, in effect, increase a longstanding 1 in 10,000 person cancer rate to a rate of 1 in 23 persons exposed over a 30-year period;

From April 2013:


Dr. John Gofman M.D, Ph.D -There Is No Safe Dose Of Radiation

The public policy video "Radioactive Berkeley: No Safe Dose" premiered at the Berkeley City Council in December of 1996. Featured speaker Dr. John Gofman M.D, Ph.D. addresses the medical impacts of low-level radiation exposure. He estimates that 50% of all #cancers and 75% of all women's breast cancers specifically, are caused by low dose radiation exposure, such as that emitted from normally operating nuclear facilities and medical radiation procedures.. He also says, there is NO SAFE DOSE for radiation. Any amount of radiation, no matter how small, can lead to #cancer.

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