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Friday, 3 January 2014

Fake *URGENT*ALERT* about escaping steam blowing east & threatening immediately US West Coast, back at the end of 2013

From someone who is keeping his/her wits
I have been following this latest panic blitz...

It's complicated, here's my quick take:
There was a fake *URGENT*ALERT* about escaping steam blowing west in Japan, back at the end of 2012
Had all of us really shook up
Turned out was faked, by survivalist/end-times trolls having fun? or paid professionals?

I think it's a psyops campaign:
1) Introduce secrecy laws to shut down all news from FukushimaD'un Renad
2) Fill the internet void this creates with orchestrated news & noise
3) Float rumors & start feuds (hat-trick vs Arnie, is ENEnews part of TEPCO cover-up, etc
4) Gradually raise heat & stir briskly with panic (drive 'em crazy w/info overload, get 'em poppin' like popcorn
This will heat up & polarize the issue, disrupt clear thinking, bury true info on subject and neutralize (discredit, divert, demonize) those who know pieces of it before they can infect others...

Those of us following online Fuku news closely are supposed to fall/jump for fake alarm
We get excited and relay bogus info, that can be debunked at later date...
And start to look/sound like kooks to the normal sleeper-walkers, forcing them to choose: which side do you believe
This will reinforce identity positions vis-a-vis Fuku, ie I'm not a kook, it's all okay, nuke is safe, etc
And I can stop listening to those who are trying to tell me otherwise...

But tarnish us with a bogus CPM panic now, at Christmas time no less!
And people won't trust us any more than they do the grinch, later when the numbers do start climbing

The nuke industry & war machine nexus is doing all it can to keep nuke power & profit going
Hence psyops to neutralize the global networks of awareness are logical (and likely enjoy unlimited budgets
But these misguided miscreants are on a serious pathological & global death trip
So while this burst of provoked panic is phony and I wouldn't get excited about it
The situation is not good, and will never be (until the thieves & thugs are dethroned...

Intentional viral confusion of facts & fears buys time (this works because it may take 50 years to see the full proofs)
But the time we're wasting with lies, secrecy, inept response efforts & bogus 'news' games is the outrage, and a crime
And that's where real panic sets in for me, that's the worst news
All this effort & expense to keep people blind so the homicidal corruption can continue even when it will destroy all life...scary thought: we are a psychotic species!

One thing for sure, I think it's time we turned 'Turner Radio" news on its spooky head
Haven't trusted them since I saw their story about USS Reagan sailors lawsuit: claimed sailors were contaminated because they swam in contaminated ocean, had desalinated water contaminate their bathtubs, etc
AND their related story: Navy was innocent because Japan knew but didn't tell them about radiation levels...
By my thinking, Turner is a bogus source, a trojan horse (with shady b/g, see home page explantaion...
And they have sure done a lot to push this, what I'd call the "2013 holiday panic campaign"

Here's the relevant links
The giveaway clue is in the title:
Because reactor cores 1, 2 & 3 'melted down' in March 2011
Then soon after 'melted through' containment vessels
Now they are called 'corium' (this is the word that dare not be spoken!
And the CORIUM is in the ground in contact with ground water & sea
Three 100 ton lumps of nuclear material gone critical, ie out of control chain reactions
Like a faucet, the corium in Fukushima will spew isotopes for hundreds of years into our ocean and atmosphere
There are also spent fuel pools, turns out the one in unit4 went dry and the initial plume was far worse than any of us imagined then
This is the news they don't want circulated or understood, thus it's open season on credible messengers to carry it...

It seems we Fuku aware folks are being squeezed from both directions:.
Exaggerated reports are widely disseminated spreading distortions that may discredit our efforts.  When people learn that their fears were needlessly aroused, they may lose interest in the issue.
From the other direction, there's misinfo of the opposite variety that says there's no problem or that risks are insignificant.
In correcting that misinfo, cite and/or link to reputable/credible sources to back concerns .
In calming undue panic, also emphasize that the problem is important and requires our action.

Yeah & yes, no time like the right time to watch our wingspans fellow sparrows of truth, there be plenty of crows out lately, looking to trip up the true…
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