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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Alaska Safe Seafood Scan Network: Viability Survey

In a response to the lack of interest and effort on behalf of the Alaskan government to test radiation of the Alaskan fishing industry, A group of concerned citizens (particularly those in the fishing industry), are banding together to set-up a Private Collaboration to supply the Population with much needed information about the safety of seafood.

The speculation is that the Government and Fishing Higher Order, are scared that releasing results will cripple the Multi-Billion dollar industry, against Public Health and Safety.

So I am helping. 

These will be itemised for transparency both here on their web site.


1. Here is their first Questionnaire of which direction they should be heading. (they are 90% ready to go)

2. To the top left, at the donate button any Donations will go directly to helping them set up the Network, Purchase Testing equipment and sending samples to laboratories and running costs. This is entirely Voluntary contributions only, and is held in trust until it is required.

This option will stay open until they open their own services, and funds will be transfered directly to their committee.

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