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Friday, 13 December 2013

Nothing Like a little personal Frustration and Venting right about now.... Personal views of my Friend RadChick....



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UNPRECEDENTED: China bans all imports of shellfish from U.S. West Coast — Official: “They’ve never done anything like that that I’ve ever seen” — Includes Washington, Oregon, Alaska and N. California

(To all my 'friends' who still have their heads up their ass about this, nothing from the Pacific Ocean is safe anymore, its ALL CONTAMINATED and has been since 2011. I tried to warn you, so have others, and I am seeing endless posts now about your kids getting lymph nodes out, dogs getting cancer, cats getting tumors, fundraisers for sick kids in stage 5...because they need help paying their hospital bills?? FUCK the hospital. They are complacent because this is only going to HELP THEM. Boo hoo, "Everyone around me is sick" and "this is my third funeral in a month" WAKE UP if you want to keep living in your bubble of safety and pretend everything is fine with 3 uncontained meltdowns that have been going on for 2 1/2 years, please, UNFRIEND ME because your clueless reactionary posts are clogging up my feed. Your part of the problem, not the solution, and I have NO USE for you anymore. Get a fucking clue. We are going to be ANNIHILATED BY THIS if we don't DO SOMETHING. Your zombie-ass bullshit is just too much. And that includes all the 'cannabis activists' who are still growing outdoors. Go fuck yourself. Your making people MORE SICK by giving them CONTAMINATED meds. I could go on and on and on because I can't believe how many stupid, clueless people are out there. And some of you call yourself ACTIVISTS? Activism means having your EYES OPEN, not putting BLINDERS ON. The writing is ON THE WALL if you give a shit long enough to READ IT.)

KUOW, Dec. 13, 2013: China Imposes First-Ever West Coast Shellfish Ban. China has suspended imports of shellfish from the west coast of the United States — an unprecedented move. China said it decided to impose the ban after recent shipments of geoduck clams from Northwest waters were found by its own government inspectors to have high levels of arsenic and a toxin that causes paralytic shellfish poisoning. The restriction took effect last week and China’s government says it will continue indefinitely. It applies to clams, oysters and all other two-shelled bivalves harvested from the waters of Washington, Oregon, Alaska and Northern California. “It’s had an incredible impact,” said George Hill, the geoduck harvest coordinator for Puget Sound’s Suquamish Tribe. “A couple thousand divers out of work right now.” Officials say the investigation is ongoing but the closure could last for months.

Northwest Public Radio, Dec. 13, 2013: China has closed its doors to all imports of West coast shellfish. Chinese officials tested samples of geoduck clams and found elevated levels of arsenic and a toxin that causes Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning. Jerry Borchert is in charge of monitoring toxins in shellfish for the Washington Department of Health. He says China’s actions are unusual. “They’ve never done anything like that that I’ve ever seen since I’ve been here where they would not allow shellfish from this entire area based on potentially two areas or maybe just one area, we don’t really know yet.” Last year the U.S. exported more than half a billion dollars worth of shellfish – with China as its biggest customer. There’s no telling when China will lift its import ban, but shellfish on the market in the U.S. are safe to eat.

The Olympian, Nov. 24, 2013: Fans of razor clams will have plenty of opportunities to dig if tests show clams are safe to eat. A weeklong dig is scheduled to begin Saturday at four beaches. In response to questions from diggers, the state said that in tests done to date, no fish or shellfish off the Pacific coast have radioactive contamination that would pose a risk to people who eat them. Dan Ayres, the coastal shellfish manager for the state Department of Fish and Wildlife, said he has heard from people that razor clams might be contaminated with radioactive material from the damaged nuclear power plant in Fukushima, Japan. The Health Department has test albacore tuna caught in the waters off the Pacific coast, one from before the Fukushima disaster and one caught after (SERIOUSLY??) In addition, the department has tested one salmon, one steelhead, as well as razor clams and other shellfish after the Fukushima disaster.
 — with Fukushima reactor 4 and Troy Livingston.
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"Earl Click I'm usually pretty laid back but this week I've had probably 30 posts from people posting sad stories about kids with cancer, which is now the NUMBER 1 killer of children since 2 months ago, instead of the "making a wish" crap and donating money (most of which goes to the hospital where they are getting their million-dollar chemo treatments and tests) how about LET'S TRY TO FIGURE OUT WHY all of a sudden cancer is an epidemic. I know why, I know YOU know why, but most people these days can't seem to put 1+1 together let alone 2+2 unless they 'see it on tv' -pathetic!- and I don't have the time, energy, or patience to keep spoon-feeding this to people to have them stick their head back up their ass afterward. Get a clue, get it NOW or we are toast, you are part of the problem...or part of the solution. Without knowledge there is no solution. Our time is too valuable to waste and contributing to the propaganda and donation bullshit just perpetuates the lies and cover up that has been going on now for wayyy too long and it is having a significant effect on our kids health. The cancer industry and the pink ribbon drive is ALL BULLSHIT and people endlessly give in to this because they have been brainwashed into thinking it helps. IT DOES NOTHING. IT'S REACTIONARY. And this is EARLY for this shit to be happening, it's going to be much worse as time goes on. I'd love to be able to donate money and make this all 'go away' for a sick child but the fact is it doesn't do shit. We are being poisoned and it's synergestic to everything else that was already in our environment, and NOBODY CARES and that includes the US GOVERNMENT. They want you to feed your kids corn spliced with spider-dna and other garbage because the health care industry is now the only thing in our country that MAKES MONEY. The synergistic effects of rads + GMO's or rads + chemicals is HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF TIMES WORSE than one or the other alone. My point is, sorry this is so long but I am bent out of shape for good reason... For every kid with cancer or a life-altering illness there are THOUSANDS more just like them and it is increasing...I have seen the data for sudden cardiac deaths in kids and it is EXTRAORDINARILY BAD and will be released soon. Eventually everyone will know, but at the beginning of this disaster I figured within 10 years we were going to see major health effects and it happened 9 years sooner than I thought, and now I know why. And the longer people think they can BLOW THIS OFF makes it exponentially worse for everyone else in the long run. I really hate seeing sick kids but it's absolutely appalling to see how clueless and brainwashed people have allowed themselves to become. They are sheep being led to slaughter, and maybe they/we are deserving of that after all."

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