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Saturday, 14 December 2013

Archive #1: Manga all elementary schools for cancer : This is #1 of very many removed from MSM....

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Manga all elementary schools for cancer

December 8 9:07

Manga all elementary schools for cancer
If you'll let that you are familiar with cancer in children through the cartoon, the National Cancer Research Center created a comic book, we donated 26,000 books about the elementary schools all across the country.
Mainly because it is the basic planning of cancer control of the country in which you defined last year, you go through cancer education for children is specified, cartoon this "secret of cancer", and National Cancer Research Center The production, was published from Gakken.
The cartoon, through the story of a doctor and parents and elementary school students of hero that resulted in close relatives to surgery in cancer, cancer is what appeals in a familiar disease one person is applied to the two people, prevention's important.
Target in the third grade or more, The National Cancer Research Center, is that was donated to the public library and elementary school 3000 Hall of 23,500 schools across the country so far.
I only asked "cancer, a child that you think scary often, but by having the right knowledge from the time of the child, Mizota Yuri chief of prevention and Screening dissemination laboratory of the National Cancer Research Center in the early stage and the importance of screening We talk added, "want you to understand that they heal if caught. 
This cartoon is not for sale, but it is that it's going to February next year around, the e-book of, it is possible to browse for free.
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