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Friday, 13 December 2013

Japan to Ban All News Coverage of Fukushima – Ten Year Prison Penalty (worded slightly differently)


(Before It's News)
A less-than-candid admission by the Japanese government that the situation is completely out of its hand and is adopting the Ostrich Option – But the world cannot follow suit or stand by any more because this also means “It Will Get Even Worse…” T Dennen

Fukushima continues to spew out radiation. The quantities seem to be rising, as do the impacts.

The site has been infiltrated by organized crime. There are horrifying signs of ecological disaster in the Pacific and human health impacts in the United States.

But within Japan, a new State Secrets Act makes such talk punishable by up to ten years in prison.
A year ago a Japanese professor was detained 20 days without trial for speaking out against the open-air incineration of radioactive waste.

Now Prime Minister Abe can do far worse. The Times of India reports that the State Secrets Act is unpopular, and that Abe’s approval ratings have dropped with its passage.

But the new law may make Japan’s democracy a relic of its pre-Fukushima past.

It’s the cancerous mark of a nuclear regime bound to control all knowledge of a lethal global catastrophe now ceaselessly escalating.

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