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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Arnie Gundersen: All Of Japan Is Contaminated, Gov’t Covering Up Enormous Exposures To Public; Epidemic Is Just Beginning – Evacuee: We Are In Fact Dying In Fukushima; What Happened To Us Will Soon Affect All Japanese People

Arnie Gundersen, Chief Engineer at Fairewinds, Dec. 16, 2013: The Japanese parliament has just passed the state secrets law. It’s really an information ‘iron curtain’ that’s preventing people in Japan from learning just how bad the exposures were that they received after the accident at Fukushima. […] They’re trying to underestimate the amount of radiation that the Japanese received […] I think they’re neglecting some really serious sources of radiation in their effort to convince the Japanese people that nuclear power is safe. […] These exposures not being calculated by the Japanese, or the IAEA, are in fact enormous. [..] Fukushima was 3 times worse than Chernobyl as far as the noble gases [e.g. xenon, krypton] that were released. […] There’s already a 10-fold increase in thyroid issues in Japan and we’re just at the beginning of the thyroid epidemic. […] As I discovered when I was in Tokyo during the book tour during 2012, all of Japan is a radiologically contaminated area, and the people in Japan need to take extraordinary precautions. The net effect of all this is the total exposure to the Japanese is being grossly underestimated. 

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It is indeed the sad, yet understandable defeat that we were wishing not to announce.

There is much to be done to way-lay the consequences for further generations.

Indeed, our time here is paraphrased by the timing of our arrival.... those of us old enough have spent a generous amount of time here...

But what for the children and our children's children?

This is not only a sad legacy to leave behind, it is abhorant that we leave behind a legacy of lies, manipulation and confusion that will indeed be the legacy of our generation.

During the Vietnam war, the American's arose as to the speculative rediculousness of the Cold War. 

During the rise of knowledge as to the situation of tha Australian Aboriginal Community, the people and Government apologised.

During the Chernobyl crisis the Cold Wall was broken in an attempt at admitting a wrong.

Sadly, we record the broken record of lies the World over, when we apparently are left with little option.

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