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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

An amazing interview with Tony Muga about the events that unfolded on 3-11 in Fukushima.


“Unimpeachable NRC documents released under the Freedom of Information Act disclose a radically different situation at Fukushima than the mainstream press and many sources are admitting. They indicate that all of the fuel in the Spent Fuel Pool at Reactor 4 has already been burned completely and released into the atmosphere even as we choke on ridiculous media stories portray a dog-and-pony charade about TEPCO removing rods. They indicate that at least three spent fuel pools and three reactor cores have already been consumed or melted down completely and that catastrophic levels of radiation were released into the atmosphere in the three days following the tsunami of March 11, 2011, -- much, much more than has been acknowledged. These documents cannot be ignored, especially since they more closely match the physical realities we know to be true and have witnessed with our own eyes. How then do we reconcile these documents with the positions held by so many anti-nuclear activists? Because if we dismiss them we are risking our own lives. Tony is an amazingly brave man. His thinking is clear and focused. But the documents themselves are even more clear and direct. And that’s the point!"
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