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Saturday, 30 November 2013

The new Japanese secrecy laws... thoughts and implications on Radioactive incineration and burial repositories!

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From Janick Magne
You wanna bet that the nuclear waste disposal sites will also become state secrets in Japan?
Currently, NUMO (Nuclear Waste Management Organization of Japan) is preparing a documentary on landfill sites in France, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, which will released in March. 
Since no city or region wants to accommodate the nuclear waste landfill in Japan, the government has decided to settle it and to impose a site that it will decide. Everything suggests that it will remain secret, since the government will now be able to keep it so ... 
In the city of Fukushima, the radioactive waste disposal sites (contaminated soil etc.) are already secrets .... as I learned when I was told so when I went myself the cityhall of Fukushima city in late October 2013.
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