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Friday, 8 November 2013

Taro YAMAMOTO 山本太郎様 ~ Going The Distance Part 5 – Under fire


Tokyo November 7th, 2013
参院、山本太郎氏の処分を確認 8日に具体案 by  47news
Source; 47news
Latest developments by Takahiro Katsumi
“In his attempt to deliver the letter directly to H.I.M. The Emperor at the Autumn Garden Party in the Imperial Palace held October 31, Sen. Taro Yamamoto bowed down deeply in a 90-degrees angle, expressing his utmost respect to His Imperial Majesty. This bow, called “hai” in Japanese is seldom seen in public places and only applicable in the Shinto Shrines in the presence of the Gods or in divine ceremonies.”
“Despite Sen. Yamamoto’s sincere attitude towards his Majesty, the Upper House is scheduled to rule on their decision on Nov 8 to penalize Sen. Yamamoto by forcing him to refrain from attending Imperial Household events. This was requested by the LDP and opposition majority in an extraordinary fashion disregarding the established rules and norms in the National Diet.”
“According to Kyodo, the LDP retracted their proposal to penalize Sen. Yamamoto by banning him from attending further Imperial Household events due to some opposition within the LDP telling the party officials that the penalty is TOO WEAK. The LDP is to re-propose a strengthened version of their proposal by morning of 11/8. What more can they propose except expulsion? “
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