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and I tried to write only at the end of the information about the Unit 4 at the 13 page. 
-------------------------------------------------- --- 
Given the Amount of Decay Heat in the fuel in the pool, it IS 
Likely that in the days Immediately Following the Accident, the fuel WAS Partially uncovered. The lack of Cooling Water Resulted in zirc Reaction and a release of Hydrogen. 
The Hydrogen exploded and secondary Damaged Containment. zirc The Water Reaction Could Have Continued, Resulting in a major source Term release. Particulates Fuel may Have Been Ejected from the pool (based on information of Neutron emitters found up to 1 Mile from the units, and very high dose Rete Material That had to BE Bulldozed over 
Between Units 3 and 4. It IS Possible Also the Material Could Have come from unit3). --------------------- -------------------------------- I tried over to Google Translate it. -------------------------------------------------- --- in the pool in the fuel decay heat amount of Given , it is in the days soon as the accident after , fuel is partially revealed you may have . 
Of cooling lack ZIRC water and reaction of hydrogen resulted in the release . Hydrogen explosion, secondary containment I damaged . ZIRC water reaction is a major source term results in the release , is followed there is a possibility. Fuel particles 
is, from unit 1 miles to found neutron emitter on the basis of information , pool ( and Units 3 and 4 between the top of the leveling had to be , a very high dose of the net from the material released was There is a possibility. it ) material is Unit 3 comes from the possibility is also possible. -------------------------------------------------- ---

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