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Thursday, 21 November 2013


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November 19, 2013, Fukushima, Japan. via Occupy the NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission)

"HERE'S SOMETHING NOT A WHOLE LOT OF PEOPLE ARE TALKING ABOUT....The fact that unlike Chernobyl where there was one nuclear meltdown (nice way of saying nuclear explosion) Fukushima has already experienced not one, not two, but THREE nuclear explosions already. That poison has already entered your air, water, and soil. Are you okay what that? What's extremely concerning is that the one nuclear meltdown from Chernobyl is still producing this downwind because the soil is still contaminated and will be for hundreds if not thousands of

"Fukushima is already THREE nuclear meltdowns!!! What has already exploded into the atmosphere should be of extreme concern to you, your government, and any environmental group that is truly concerned about the environment.

"Yes, reactor 4 is bad, but 1, 2, and 3 have already exploded and entered your air, water, and food supply. Are you okay with that? Is your government okay with that? If they gave a crap, the least they could do is start monitoring the food supply b/c while you can avoid eating GMO crops by paying for organics, no amount of money will take nuclear poison out of your organic food.

"Fukushima rain does not discriminate. It does not know the difference between conventional and organic. If it's in the soil, it's poisoned everything. Wake some people up!! Time to face the consequences of this thing head on. The sooner we get some testing of our food supply going the better!!"

[end sniip]

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