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Sunday, 24 November 2013

FULL TYVEK JACKET - At Fukushima workers

Fukushima workers.

Those first moments, the most terrible
nuclear catastrophe. 

Those who daily continue to fight against the situation worsens. 
those who will replace them for
many years. 

A family and their relatives.

Here is a message of gratitude and sympathy that comes from France. 

If you can not count on your employers and managers to treat you correctly, you're not only provided, discredited in the face of insurmountable problems that you face. Although this is a small consolation to thousands of kilometers, strangers, ordinary people like you, are with you in thought and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your courage and determination. You are important people who deserve the respect, by the responsibilities that rest on your shoulders, and because of that you do not really get in return recognition or reward. You can not blame the worker who disconnected the wrong pipe, pressing the wrong button or overfilled tank, due to a lack of training, accurate, or means of control. instructions can not blame the worker who loses morale because it is dealing with conditions difficult and dangerous work. People like us, who are on your side, who rely on you, which offer you their trust and moral support that you do not forget, there are thousands and even millions surely worldwide. We do not know you, but we are human beings like you, citizens of the Earth. We know the difficulty of your situation, and if we can not do much for you, we would like to say thank you for what you do, thank you for the risks you take for all of us. We are with you. Thanks to the "Fukushima 50" and all the courageous people who from the first day of the disaster did not hesitate to put their lives at risk to prevent a more serious situation occurs. thank you to all the people that we never talk about that every day at their level, involved in the huge task of curbing the radioactive risk to the Fukushima nuclear plant. Our moral support and our thoughts are with you and your families, and to relatives of the victims who lost their health or their lives in this struggle.

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