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Saturday, 30 November 2013

"Fukushima radiation KILLS 5 MILLION BIRDS ! " as reported by Troy Livingston: ie: more reports from the animals...

Why do I think fukushima is the cause? well other then the fact Fukushima has 3 full meltdowns with 3 full runaway cores about 12 meters into the ground and profusely leaking into the ocean and atmosphere continuously now for all most three years.

The Mutton sea birds migrate so though 5 million birds were killed in New Zealand and Australia does not mean there were poisoned there. The Mutton sea birds migrate to japan where they were likely contaminated. The return journey follows the coast of North America to California, then south-west across the Pacific. Prevailing winds aid their flight for most of the journey but on the final leg, from the central Pacific, the birds battle across south-east winds. They return to their nesting grounds exhausted. see picture below of the Mutton sea bird migration rout. The journey, of about 15,000 km, passes New Zealand and Japan and is completed in only two months.

These bird deaths are just the latest stings of mass deaths being reported around the pacific ocean. The mutton seabird is just another to add to the genocide the nuclear industry is perpetuating.

5 Million mutton birds Killed by the nuclear industry
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