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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Fukushima – Children should not play here for more than one hour because of radiation


A park in Fukushima : Do not bring children here the age of elementary school or less.
Akemi , a mother of Fukushima voluntarily evacuated to Kyoto, more than 500 km.
She took the following photos during a visit to his parents’ house in March 2013.
The fallout from the accident are called ” radiation environment” as if they were natural .
There are differences between the official level of radiation in the air after decontamination and levels detected by personal dosimeter .

Users of the park:
- Do not stay more than an hour a day in the park
- Wash your hands, face and gargle after your visit
- Do not wear earth, sand your mouth
- For further information : contact the division of parks and green spaces Fukushima ( tel: 525-3765 )
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