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Monday, 4 November 2013

Elementary school in Koriama, Japan using water bottles to shield students from radiation

This article left me speechless for an hour.

From the Primary School Web-site:


Recipe for shielding radiation is this. I and to set the shoe cupboard to put the water in square plastic bottle you're looking for your cooperation to everyone parents, or side by side in front of the classroom, not in use. It is a strategy that attempts to cut off by the water the radiation emitted from the courtyard. The results of radiation dose, and are published in detail in the "school report radiation value 6.7," but seems to have a number by the window and become about one-third, the effect of considerably. For PET bottles, 500 book about gathered Thanks, but thank you for your cooperation in the future. (Censure Yaginuma)

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Koriyama City Tachibana Elementary School


Water bottles used as radiation shielding
An elementary school in Koriyama City, which is located in Fukushima Prefecture some 34 miles west of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, is using water bottles to shield radiation coming from the courtyard and other areas around the school buildings.  The bottles are filled with water and placed inside of square boxes which are stacked around the classrooms.
According to the school it seems to have reduced the radiation levels inside by one-third.
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