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Saturday, 30 November 2013

David MacArthur Translate Fukushima


Up to 5 million seabirds likely to have died on Australian and New Zealand beaches

Projections from the paper show the concentration of Cesium-137 in the top 200 meters of the Pacific as it moves east. Figure A is for April 2012, B is April 2014, C is April 2016, and D is April 2021.
Oceanic monitoring based on the first two weeks of the Ongoing Fukushima Radiological Catastrophe Level 7.

Expect Fukushima's Radioactive Ocean Plume to Hit the US Next Year

Projections from the paper show the concentration of Cesium-137 in the top 200 meters of the Pacific as it moves east. Figure A is for April 2012, B is April 2014, C is April 2016, and D is April 2021.

That's according to a study from the Center of Excellence for Climate System Science, a mostly Australian research organization, which mapped the radioactive plume’s path through the world’s ocean for the next ten years.

According to the report, “two energetic currents off the Japanese coast—the Kuroshio Current and the Kurushio Extension—are primarily responsible for accelerating the distribution of the radioactive material.

Other eddies and whirlpools will continue the process and direct the radioactive particles disparately westward, the study states.

Map of ocean currents in the North Pacific via Wikimedia Commons. 

The radioactive isotopes have been pumping and spilling out of the Fukushima Daiichi plant 24 hrs a day since the nuclear melt-through that occurred in March of 2011 and continue to form an ever-growing radioactive plume in the Pacific Ocean.

As numerous scientists have said for decades the most dangerous of them, like radioactive cesium [Cs-137 and 134], and PU and We all kNOW PU > GE . fish swim through this radioative stew ingesting through the gills and by eating organisms that have already ingested harmfull radioactive isotopes which in turn bio-accumulate up the food chain.
Geiger Counter sales to skyrocket all around the northern Pacific basin: "Here is the truth, like it or not. The leak of radioactive elements from the melted down reactors has completely permeated the entire food chain of the North Pacific. The herring all swim through the very waters off the Fukushima Oceanic wasteland.

All the Salmon, Tuna and other sea life feed on these herring. The herring are all bleeding from sores from the diseases acquired from the radiation. All empirical evidence points to it as being at the source of the massive losses." The reason these 3 types of fish are being focused on are because is Sockeye Salmon and herring both range all across the northern pacific and Bluefin tuna are an even wider-ranging and fast swimming predator which can swim back and forth between Japan and North America easily in a year. 

So, not only is a radioactive plume that stays active for thousands of years coming towards us on the sea's currents but it is being brought over to us in concentrated form through bio-accumulation up the food chain even faster. Furthermore our governments refuse to test the fish apparently because the seafood industry knows, just as the GMO industry knows, that testing will undoubtedly return data that will in turn demand action by governments and take a huge bite out of the industry as well as the investors portfolios. Now! with out-nuclear-energy .

Radioactive water is leaking out of this plant as fast as it's leaking in. So, you've got something on the order of 400 tons to maybe even as much as a 1000000 tons of water a day leaking off of the mountains around Fukushima into the basement of this plant. Well, the basement is highly radioactive because the containment has failed and radioactive material is leaking out from the nuclear core into the other buildings. That's being exposed to this clean groundwater and making it extraordinarily radioactive. ... And and even venting radioactive steam into the atmosphere and the problem is going to get worse." The video below with Nobel Prize winning physician Dr. Helen Caldicott breaks down the lies of the nuclear industry including the huge amount of greenhouses gases embedded in the production of the fuel. Her talk focuses how the nuclear industry's by-products effect the health of every living thing. She specifically talks about the horror of the Fukushima nuclear meltdowns that have been completely covered up by the governments and press around the world. Helen is an expert on nuclear radiation and her analysis needs to be shared with everyone.

what would happen in future ice ages, whose sheets would “depress the crust of the earth” far deeper than the lay of the bunker tunnels. Or if earthquakes or water seepage create cracks in the bedrock, future wars wreak destruction on the facility, or the man-made materials crumble through corrosion.

The film questions our morality in leaving a legacy of waste to future children which, in the human timescale, is lethally dangerous forever. It asks, too, how we can effectively even warn or inform these of the danger. What inscribed stone tablet, linguistic, pictorial or other symbol will be devised to convey the threat, what danger sign universally understood over time spans of tens of thousands of years? Water-cooled pools at reactor sites, raise risks, such as from leaks, fires, power disruption through natural disasters or other causes, were not factored in the past when the Nuclear Regulatory Commission gave permits for new reactors or extended existing reactor licenses.

In 2011, after the Fukushima accident, some states brought suit against the commission’s “confidence” tradition in licensing. A federal court last year, siding with the states, removed the NRC’s licensing authority until the environmental impacts of the highly radioactive waste, even and especially in the absence of a repository, have been duly examined and dealt with. Its recently released environmental impact study states the NRC’s continued confidence in a safe solution.


OBSERVATIONS 7:30am . 01/Dec/13 Christchurch New Zealand. Radiation Detector «SOEKS» 01M . Reading (average of 10 min) Inside>Kitchen sink 0.12 mcsv/h Green / Normal . Outside>Garage down-pipe 0.16 mcsv/h Green / Normal . NOTE: SPIKES OF 0.49 mcsv/h reading in YELLOW / HIGH outside 26/Nov/13 SPIKES OF 0.52 mcsv/h reading in YELLOW / HIGH inside 18/Nov/13

sv/h is = to 1000000.00 mcsv/h and 1.0 sv/h is = to 1000 msv/h. -if radiation exceeds 0.40mcSv/h then you would need to look for the reasons of this exceeding normal reading- if it exceeds 1.20 mcSv/h Get out . This is based on information in my Soeks Manual . For tech advice-

For past observations > 


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