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Thursday, 24 October 2013

Takahiro Katsumi fellow Fukushima reporter and collegue joined in a new BBC report

Takahiro Katsumi

Recently I was asked by BBC to join their program as a guest. Here's a full recording of my appearance in their "World Have Your Say" program on Fukushima radioactive leak issue aired 8/21/2013. Watch the BBC's favorite British 'nuclear expert' Malcom Grimston go slashing away ALL concerns of the viewers and guests, including me.

[end snip]

 Sum for those on mobile platforms:

1. The BBC expert is lying through his arse-
a. 'not detectible outside the habour' = lie
b. 'cannot release safe levels to the ocean because of distrusted TEPCO' = lie
c. ARRIVA filter system works = BIG lie
d. Fishing is not particularly dangerous = lie

2. Q@ 8:30m To a film producer at Fukushima: Mother questions severity of leaks as she has children
A: 'Trust the NHK', Many mothers groups in Fukushima are formed after the incident
Fair points on the farmers contaminated so the land is worthless, so they stay.

3. Expert again at 12:30 lying, says the local area is safe. He's not seen any Thyroid damage in the area himself. Goes the psychological line of more damage..... (TEPCO boy).. speaks of ptsd [well dah]...

4. Takahiro translator @ 16:50m :
calls for international even UN help...

Expert says 'it's all in the harbour' safe...... matter of perspective? wtf?.... marine environment won't be seriously affected....

5. @20m... Documentary maker steps in to attack the point of thyroids, rashes and nose bleeds, and mothers needing help.

'Expert' states that it is still fearmongering....

6. @22:00 staff writer in Japan Times: Tepco in charge because they are experts..... Government to step in and freeze the soil.... want to reactivate 15 reactors....

pretty much sums it.... the rest is appologetic as to the situation....

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