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Sunday, 13 October 2013

Japan Physician: Radiation level was 100 times higher in Fukushima than gov’t reported 50 days after 3/11

— Geiger counter ‘off the scale’ at train station 60km from plant — Blatant concealment of data
Audience Member: I’m a physician; I volunteered at the Minamisoma evacuation center in the last week of April. […] I was there for one week as a physician. My dosimeter read 250 chest x-ray equivalent in one week. Strangely on the newspaper, prefecture department reading is way, way low — It’s like 1/100th of what my dosimeter’s quoting. I think what happened at that time was systematic effort by the prefecture government, […] as well as the Japanese central government, tried to minimize the amount of radiation. […]

Right after the nuclear accident, basically we become totally lawless. [...] in Fukushima Station (west side) I brought my Geiger counter, basically the needle was off the scale. So, I pointed out these things to Fukushima Minpo [newspaper], I met the editors there. What surprised me was they don’t want to hear those things. Their primary concern [...] for Fukushima Minpo, it was losing business […] For the prefecture government, losing the people means less revenue, less positions. Also, there’s a blatant concealment of SPEEDI data, the initial prediction.
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