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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

IAEA fail to up the largets scale of 7, instead they divide the ongoing catastrophe into segments...

LEVEL 7 RADIOLOGICAL CATASTROPHE!!! How can anyone fully understand the scope of a level 7 (which is the highest level) and not be distracted or confused with the level 3 event which only adds to the prior ,regardless of expert advise the NRC don't wont to create a new level , so instead there dividing parts of the ongoing fukushima catastrophe into new events, when they're one and the same! 300 TONE per day of contaminated water and that's not even taking into consideration the releases into the atmosphere . DON'T BE FOOLED - PLEASE HELP - COPY PASTE THIS ALLOVER THE NET INTO YOU TUBE TWEET IT BLOG IT GIVE IT TO YOUR MP although many of us here fully are aware of this , we should not let our egos or fear of fallibility get in the way of - responding instead of reacting . please push this message out side of your usual circles . Thank for taking the time to read this , stay awesome.
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