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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

French System For Cleaning Fukushima Water Blamed For Leukemia, Polluted Beaches In Europe フランスによる福島原発汚染水の浄化システムは、ヨーロッパでは(多数の)白血病を生じさせ、浜辺も汚染してしまっている。

訳出 gungho-dynamoApr. 25 2011

The process a French firm will use to clean Fukushima’s radioactive water has been blamed for a leukemia cluster in France and for polluted beaches and irradiated waters from the English Channel to the Arctic Sea.


 Areva SA has promised to remove up to 99.99 percent of the radioactive contaminants in 67,500 tons of water flooding the crippled Fukushima-Dai-ichi nuclear plant. It will use a co-precipitation method employed at its La Hague nuclear fuel reprocessing facility in Normandy.


That process has been documented in detail by a French nuclear expert and by the U.S. government, which has shunned France’s fuel reprocessing method because of “a non-proliferation concern and environmental concerns,” in the words of Nuclear Regulatory Commission Chairman Gregory Jaczko.

フ ランスの原子力専門家および米国政府によって、そのプロセスの詳細が文書化されているが、米国のNRC委員長グレゴリー・ヤツコの言を借りれば、「拡散抑 止の有効性に疑問があり」また「周囲の環境汚染にも懸念あり」という理由で、米国においては、そのフランスの燃料再処理法は忌避されている。

The water treatment process has been deplored by environmental groups including Greenpeace and Physicians for Social Responsibility in part because of the quality of cleaned water it produces:


France reprocesses reactor fuel at the vast La Hague facility on the Normandy coast. The so-called low-level liquid wastes from reprocessing are discharged into the English Channel and into the air. However, these “low-level” wastes still contain highly radioactive and often long-lived isotopes. Dumping these same wastes into the sea in containers would violate the 1970 London Dumping Convention.”

ア レヴァ社は、ノルマンディー沿岸にある大規模なラ・ハーグ処理施設で核燃料の再処理を行っている。再処理の結果、いわゆる低レベル廃棄物が英仏海峡と空気 中に放出されている。しかし、この低レベルの廃棄物には依然として高い放射能を持ち、往々にして半減期の長い放射性同位体が含まれているのだ。これらと同 じ廃棄物をコンテナにつめて海洋に投棄したら、1970年のロンドン(海洋投棄)条約に抵触することになるだろう。

Areva treats contaminated water from reactor cooling systems by injecting chemicals that bind to radioactive isotopes and settle out.


Areva has not revealed which chemicals it will use at Fukushima, but a 1995 report commissioned by the U.S. Department of Energy (pdf) details the process it uses at La Hague. According to DOE, Areva uses:


nickel and potassium ferrocyanide to capture cesium


barium sulfate to capture strontium


cobalt sulfide for ruthenium


titanium sulfate for antimony and other emitters of alpha radiation


Areva also uses hydroxides of sodium, manganese, titanium, and iron, according to other sources. The chemicals and radionuclides are removed from the water in a highly radioactive chemical sludge.