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Thursday, 24 October 2013

A question on when or whether to instigate a bug out plan based on the removal of SFP 4.

Unedited  Q/A post:
hello citizenperth...

would you happen to know when exactly they will be starting the november procedure? approx?

hoping to tighten up my bug-out plan...leaving oregon as soon as it looks like i must...

saying good bye to friends, putting in 30 day notice at apt. today(although if typhoons hit fuku or "operation spent fuel rod removal" begins before that, i'll bug out sooner) and i'm working right on up until i have to go.

can't get to australia or south of the equator so florida will have to do as written earlier.

i've saved and planned since this began and i don't feel ready but i'm ready enough...

just don't know when to actually pull the trigger and go...

it's just me and my large dog in a miata w very few possesions...leaving behind a good job, apt. and friends...

any friendly advise would be appreciated. thank you:)
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 44441016

Just as a quick heads up they now have 'permission', and using it, to retrograde the tanks back to the clay, plastic lined dams, holding tanks. They are doing this now as we speak since the last 2 days (recorded anyway),and these will certainly be affected by the typhoon (I'll post this info in a different thread)
They will also leak as previously, as do the failing tanks.

Bug out plan?... Better for now to shelter in-situ

a little too late as things go to panic anyway... what is done is done, and still occurring invisibly all around us.

the lifting of the first trial rods will be done surreptisiously in tepco style so if anything goes wrong they can go back to the rhetoric of saying 'we didn't want to alarm, and are investigating better ways to extract etc etc....'

they started dry runs (obviously with tech leggo equipment)last month off site, and moved in more heavy equipment... the weather has delayed more moves and the time-line....

interestingly there was a media release from academia (I've forgotten which one, but can track it down), saying that they may revise the pool removal due to the severity of the damage as previously alluded to.

I wouldn't be bugging out just yet, as we have seen for two reasons

1. it has been happened and is still happening regardless, and society is still with us.

2. this is epically slow doom, unless sfp 4 ignites, and then a slow doom still

I call this a possible ele.. like the add for the hair stuff... 'it won't happen overnight, but it will happen'

they still argue the wwii apocalypse even now, and I see fuku doing a similar thing.. the worst has already happened even based on tepco standards ie: these things were 'worst case scenarios' in their books, but "highly unlikely to happen", yet they did.....

1. containment breached
2. cores exposed
3. ground water affected
4. oceans affected
5. airborne radiological releases
6. storage leakage

they just hope we have forgotten

all that being said, a safe home, and secure work and your loved ones around you is as safe a bug out as anyone can have at the moment, and keeping people informed.

watch what you eat and drink, especially the young. limit outside exposure just to be safe, and don't swim in the ocean, if you can avoid these simple things.

retain your bug out planning, you will know when to use it. remember the boy scout creed ;)

scary as it is, educate the young with simple explanation.
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