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Saturday, 14 September 2013

They have lied to us ever since then about this issue... and now it is flooding over into the Pacific in a RIVER OF DEATH? Not a peep... SILENCE.

[Reproduced in Full with Author permission] 

Christine Dillon Strickland
March 31, 2011-

Tainted Groundwater Found At Japan Nuclear Plant : NPR
Workers have discovered contaminated groundwater beneath a leaking nuclear reactor at Japan's troubled Fukushima Dai-ichi complex, plant operators say. The radiation levels were 10,000 times the government health standard. Other readings find radiation levels rose in seawater near the plant.

Christine Dillon Strickland I guess this just slipped their minds or something:

"On Thursday, workers began emptying storage tanks so that contaminated water from tunnels and trenches could be transferred there. The hope is that moving the water will prevent it from harming workers or flowing out to sea"

Because now they are claiming that is what is leaking to the sea. In truth? The ground water is flowing to the sea... and has been since day fucking one!!!

Christine Dillon Strickland Remember, this is from the same month it all began-

"Contamination from the plant has been seeping into the sea, and seawater some 360 yards from the shore south of the plant measured 4,385 times the legal limit Thursday, up from 3,355 times the allowed amount the previous day, TEPCO officials said.

But the contaminated seawater poses no threat to human health because fishing and swimming aren't allowed in the vicinity."
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