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Monday, 9 September 2013

The Olympics and Fukushima Australian news tonight 09/09 - Already saying ALL IS WELL The Project on 10 opinions

Update: Seven News Australia states the same news.

I called it.

On the Project tonight (Australian 10 after news show), the following:

"95% of the children were  tested in a town closest to the disaster, 100% proved free of nuclear contamination"

Where have these people been?

Co-presenter (Steve Price), in fact, stated going on the Bullet train shortly after the disaster, and that Fukushima was nowhere near Tokyo, ergo, NO PROBLEM!.

"A coming together of the World's thousands of most Elite Athletes", is a sharing on a global scale. (as quoted from the program)

Dear God what mindless sheep.

(the program isstill live but available later, no doubt)

What is the bet that this line of thinking will be banned ?, regardless of reality, due to the inclusion of the IOC?

Welcome Nuclear spin...

Welcome Tokyo flags....

Want to go?

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