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Monday, 2 September 2013

Radioactive water from the Fukushima nuclear plant to be dumped into Pacific


Updated Mon 2 Sep 2013, 7:13pm AEST
The head of Japan's nuclear watchdog has flagged dumping radioactive water from the Fukushima nuclear plant into the Pacific, but says the level of contamination in the water would be well within legal limits.
Speaking to foreign reporters in Tokyo, the head of the Nuclear Regulation Authority, Shinichi Tanaka, said there may be no choice but to pump radioactive water from Fukushima into the sea.
"I'm afraid that it is unavoidable to dump or release the water into the sea," he said.
But Mr Tanaka says most of the contamination would be removed first, meaning the radiation level in the water would be well below the legal limit.
There is more than 300,000 tonnes of contaminated water being stored at the Fukushima plant, with hundreds of tonnes being added to that every day.
Plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO)has long struggled to deal with the massive amounts of water used to cool reactors that went into meltdown after being struck by an earthquake and tsunami in March 2011.
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Finally the announcement that many of us have been dreading. The open claim that nuclear contamination will be dumped into the world's ocean. 
Statements that the radiation releases will be below safety limits is an outright lie. 
How do they propose to do this?
TEPCO have already admitted using  counters that top out at 100 mSv's to stay within safety limits set for their workers, so what is the chance they will modify their readings into the oceans.
The World's best should be there and monitoring.
This is still too little, too late.

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