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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Just another personal letter from Japan.

Waka Imamichi
To my English speaking FB friends:

I may not be on your newsfeed anymore because I post so many nuclear issues in Japanese, but I'm hoping that you may see this.

I am very sad to see my country getting contaminated with radiation, and what is worse is that the goverment is trying so hard to cover up the truth, and there are so many people still believing what the government and the mass media are saying (including my parents) People like me who are against the current government or against nuclear are often called "left wing."

While there are increasing cases of thyroid cancer among children of Fukushima, the government denies any connection to the accident. Testing hasn't even started in Tokyo and other surrounding prefectures. The Tokyo Olympics is another trick of saying "Tokyo is safe," but radiation does not stay within a prefecture. The contamination has already spread throughout the country and beyond. Just to give an example, my parents moved out of Tokyo to Shizuoka which is further than Tokyo from Fukushima, and my mother collected some soil samples, where the amount of Cesium 134 & 137 1,729.50bq/kg was detected. The lab told my mother that these readings where very high, but they are lower than the "hotspots" in Tokyo. Of course radiation contaminated foods have been circulated all over Japan. In addition, I am very sorry for what the Japanese government is allowing to happen to the Pacific Ocean for the last two years and counting.

As Abe blatantly proclaimed that the situation is under control, the lies and coverups are going intensify for the sake of the Olympics. So please be on alert, as the situation is by no means stabilized, if something goes wrong with the damaged 4th reactor with over 1,500 spent fuel rods, it could affect the whole Northern Hemisphere.

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