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Monday, 23 September 2013

Japanese Press Club conference on Fukushima Live. 24/09/13

Former NRC Chairman Jaczko, Torgen Johnson- (urban planner) & Organizer of Concerned Citizen Group of Southern California,

Tetsuro Tsutsui, Member, Nuclear Regulation Sub-committee, Citizens’ Commission on Nuclear Energy (CCNE) /Nuclear Power Plant Technical Experts’ Group (Petro-Chemical Mechanic)

so, pretty much in damage control and learning the new nuclear village speak.......

the expert from japan is a mechanic, spoke once and laughed twice.....

closing remark:

"here is an invitation back to us, and please feel free to eat the cesium free fish and chips at our lounge"


And this is why they want to make Japanese reporting of the same a criminal, punishable thing?

Dear lord.
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