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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Are the Days of the Fukushima Warning Blogs numbered thanks to the Entrance of the IOC?; or Is the choice of Tokyo more than a coincidence?

Was yesterday's criticism of French Satirists comics about the dangerous of Radiation and the Tokyo Olympic choice in "Japan Today" a sign of more sinister things to come?

Are these images soon to be banned? Are they maliciously anti-Olympic or a warning on the current safety of the environment as a whole?


'Lighten up,' French magazine tells Japan after Fukushima cartoon complaint

'Lighten up,' French magazine tells Japan after Fukushima cartoon complaintA man reads a Japanese newspaper that republished the cartoons in Tokyo, on September 12, 2013AFP

A French satirical weekly on Thursday shrugged off Japanese outrage over cartoons mocking the decision to award the 2020 Olympics to Tokyo despite the Fukushima nuclear crisis.
Japan angrily denounced the cartoons and said it would lodge a formal complaint with Le Canard Enchaine.
But the popular weekly said it took “responsibility for the cartoons without the slightest soul-searching” and complained that the Japanese lacked a sense of humor and that they should lighten up.
One cartoon showed sumo wrestlers with extra limbs competing in front of a crippled nuclear plant. A sports commentator says: “Marvellous, thanks to Fukushima, sumo wrestling has become an Olympic sport.”
Another image showed two people standing in front of a pool of water while wearing nuclear protection suits and holding a Geiger counter, saying water sport facilities had already been built at Fukushima.
Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said the satirical jabs give the wrong impression about the country.
[end snip]
The entrance of the IOC is indeed a Game changer in the Reporting of the ongoing disaster.
It has been proven, through the media and documentation that the Japanese Prime minister lied about the current situation, just hours earlier to the IOC in the last presentation to the committee that sealed the deal; stating that the situation is 'under control'.
Regardless, this unprecedented move comes not only as a shock, but also could be the Achilles heel of the Post-Fukushima Global Coverage from independent sources.
Here's how I see it unfolding.
The situation is now changed from one of Country Politics and Private Corporation T.E.P.C.O, and now will be seen as an International, Global Sporting Event of the World's Elite.
The 'Fukushima Bashing', can then be seen as a 'Terrorist-like' attack on the World's Premier sporting event. There are Major world players involved here now.
Are Countries so naive, that they would sacrifice their most fit and talented sportsmen and women at the risks we know are there (and worsening)?; probably.
I see the emphasis on the Games more than the monumental problems and solutions that are so desperately required. 
In a last ditch effort I contacted several leading news outlets and explained this case- If the fact is that the coffers are so full for the Olympics, why have these funds not been activated in a concerted clean up effort, and the re-homing of the families and the transparent testing of the children? Is this not money much better spent?
If the Global community is so willing to come forward and assist in the building up of Tokyo for an International Sports event, why weren't they allowed to assist previously when they offered to do so?
If it wasn't for the previous behavior of the Government and TEPCO, their lies and obfuscations, we wouldn't be at this point now, would we.

Put simply, nobody I am in contact with is 'anti Olympic', 'anti-Tokyo' or 'anti-Japan', we are all just flabbergasted that this is how the game is playing out, because indeed, this is what it seems to be to some major political players.

I think it is deplorable that the people trying to warn of the consequences (albeit light heatedly) , are made out to be the scoundrels whilst it clearly is TEPCO and others that have created this situation.

Watch as the Fukushima reporting lights dim, one by one. I for one, as a solely funded entity who cannot afford to take on these monstrosities. I smell a rat, a rather large one.


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