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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Waste Water Leak: TEPCO's Modus Operandi Is "Bad But Cheap", Says Fukushima I Nuke Plant Worker


There is another worker who's been tweeting from Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant besides "Happy". He is known as "Sunny", and despite the cheerful twitter handle, he is often more sarcastic and more critical of TEPCO than "Happy". Still, just like "Happy", "Sunny" is doing what he's been doing with the sense of responsibility and mission. (Both of which are sorely lacking in TEPCO's management, I have to say.)

In short, he says the leak of RO waste water from the storage tank(s) happened because TEPCO counted on ALPS, multi-nuclide removal system, too much.

Oops. The hot run of the system has been stopped when TEPCO found the leak and corrosion in the stainless steel tanks used in the system.

The following is "Sunny"'s take on the RO waste water leak:

"TEPCO's Bad but Cheap Strategy" [i.e. "You Get What You Pay For"]


Tanks are assembled with bolts and linings, as opposed to being welded using automatic welding machines like MIG and MAG. Shipbuilding uses automatic welding machines. Why didn't TEPCO use them? It's not the matter of speed [that's TEPCO's excuse] but cost. But if you build a large enough number of tanks you have extra capacities and the cost becomes lower. Why didn't TEPCO do that? It's because all their plans depended on ALPS.

[end snip]

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