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Friday, 16 August 2013

US navy man attributes his sickness to Fukushima radiation

Paper: Navy sailor’s health melted down after exposure to Fukushima fallout — Now a shaking, withering patient unable to walk by himself — Lives of younger service members “at stake as well” — Doctors won’t give a diagnosis (PHOTOS)
Title: Without medical diagnosis, Utah sailor lives in limbo
Source: Deseret News (Utah)
Author:  Jed Boal,
Published: Aug. 14 2013 [...] Over the last 21 months, [Lt. j.g. Steve Simmons, who served on board the USS Ronald Reagan with the U.S. Navy during Fukushima crisis] said his health has melted down, too, and he’s not alone. [...]
He believes he’s suffering from radioactive contamination [...]
Since November of 2011 Lt. j.g. Steve Simmons has been sick. He believes he’s suffering from radioactive contamination, but doctors won’t give him a diagnosis. (Simmons Family via Deseret News)

[end snip]
More than two hundred US sailors are suing in a conjoint class action effort for compensation.

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