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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Truth the first casualty in uncontrolled catastrophe at Fukushima

Radiation spreading
As detailed by two Whiteout Press articles, one in 2012 and one in 2013, the effects of the Fukushima meltdown are still being felt across the US. .....Americans getting sick
Quietly left out of most news headlines is the fact that 70,000 US military personnel and their families have been invited to join a class action lawsuit against the Fukushima utility company (TEPCO) that owned the power plants and reactors that broke-down after an earthquake struck Japan. The suit seeks $2 billion in damages, most especially for the thousands of US first responders who were stationed in Japan and South Korea at the time. On top of that, hundreds of Alaska Airlines flight attendants have file a complaint citing rampant and mysterious skin lesions and numerous cases of their hair falling out. There have been 280 documented cases of sickened attendants already.
Two of the more eye-opening revelations being disclosed lately include the accusation by environmental activists that independent measurements smuggled out of Fukushima have shown radiation levels ten-times higher than the numbers being released by the US and Japanese governments. Authorities are also hesitant to remind Americans that 100 million tons of radioactive debris continues to wash up on America’s shores. Most heartbreaking were the findings published in March 2013 by the Open Journal of Pediatrics. Test results showed a spike in hypothyroidism in newborns across the western United States..........
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