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Saturday, 10 August 2013

Shared thoughts from 2011 #11, GLP, 11/08/13

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Re: Vindication for the Bloggers Keep on the FUKU-Watch walls. News again only thanks to the validity of the ongoing crisis,and tireless reporting.
It's long, but I originally posted this over on [link to] in May 2011, not long after the accident. After all this time, we're still pissing on the fire. I feel the same way as I did back then, yet the world sleeps....


It's been over two months now, and what have we done in all that time, besides piss on the fire?

Seriously, why is the world not coming together to help on this one? Does the World hate the Japanese? Why is it that the World's Governments can get together to bomb Libya, but not combine forces and resources in order to deal with what is obviously the worst catastrophe the history the World has ever faced? It's been unfolding before our eyes for two months, and we've pissed on the fire. What? No money in it? No oil to save? Or by helping, would it be an embarrassing admission by the World's Governments of the true severity of the situation, and further reveal the problem to be so momentous, so catastrophic and out of control, that this may turn out to expose the unimaginable, and reveal this to be one problem for which there is NO solution, and can never be fixed? Think about that for a second, and tell me how far off I am. Deep inside, we know it's a distinct possibility, yet most of the world it seems, have no idea it's happening, or are in complete denial. If the World's Governments joined in to help, it would be an admission that all the risk assessments about "safe", "clean" Nuclear energy, have been proven to be null and void by this single event, casting doubt, and a perpetual dark shadow over the entire nuclear industry, and indeed mankind. No one ever believed the sh1t would hit the fan, or else decided that profit was worth the risk. And now that it has, no one has the faintest clue as to what to do about it.

Tepco guy #1: "I know, let's spay water on it!"
Tepco guy #2: "For how long?"
Tepco guy #1: "Ummm... Forever"

But the World's leading Scientists are all scrambling to come up with the best solutions!? A romantic notion. That only happens in the movies. No one has written a script to save us yet. Besides, there's no money in that. The best Scientists are all working where the money is, big drug companies, or the War machine. They're watching this unfold, just like you and I. So whatever happened to honour, to heroism and courage? More romantic notions? The Russians showed immense courage in the face of Chernobyl, and they also made a lot of mistakes. But they only had one melting reactor to deal with, and it wasn't sitting on the edge of the Sea, and on a fault line. They got on it though, fast, not 9 months later, by sacrificing 500,000 courageous souls working in and around, on top, and under, a melting reactor, in order to try and contain it. Extraordinary effort in the face of the most adverse conditions. Hardly perfect, but contained. And here we are now, with a virtual handful of Tepco employees, using a squirt gun to put out a volcano. How pathetic. Years from now, we'll wonder why we didn't jump in and act sooner. Wonder why we let it fester, while sitting in the comfort of our homes, eating popcorn, and watching radiation spew from a Nuclear volcano on Youtube, as birds chirped unknowingly in the background. Complacency will be our undoing. "Buy 'N Large!"

The Japanese have had their hands MORE than full since the Earthquakes, Tsunamis, and Nuclear meltdown(s). Category 7 Nuclear Disaster? Who makes up these artificial numbers? How about "Category 100"! Now that's a nice round number, isn't it? Why the Hell aren't we helping? Why is the world not coming together to help? Where the Fuk is our humanity? If you know anything about Japanese culture, they are too proud to ask for help. The Russians could help, seeing as they have the 'benefit' of experience. But this crisis requires, DEMANDS, that the whole World help. I mean really, what have we got to lose? What? Or should we "remain calm", stand back and assess the problem, relax, perhaps take the time to start some new risk assessment studies? We know now that this can happen. And it will happen again. How is it, that we find it acceptable? Acceptable, to risk it all?

Thanks to this site, Arnie, and a few others, we've known the truth for a long time, and yet many look at us as if we're crazy when we share this information with them. They either don't believe you, or it's simply too much for them to handle, and they shy away. Makes you question your own sanity. Many listen, and respond with "hey, if it's not in the main stream news, it can't be true!" Well it's starting to look like main stream news will have no choice, other than to tell the truth soon. Due to the insidious nature of this invisible silent killer, it may very well be many years before any doubt is cast aside, and the rest of us wake up. By then, this may be a completely different world than the one we all call home today. The book (and movie) "The Road" comes to mind. People will start to understand the term "Half-life" is more than a video game. As a species, we are carelessly brazen, unwittingly immature, grossly ignorant, and at times, astonishingly stupid. Do we need any more proof than building multiple nuclear reactors on a fault line? Should monkeys be trusted with a hand grenade? It's time for us to wake up, and wise up. We are slowly killing ourselves, our planet, and everything on it. Right now.

Am I an alarmist? Nope, not me. A conspiracy theorist? Not bloody likely. A Doomsayer? I'll admit, I love "Doom, Sci-fi, and Horror" in books and movies, but no. I am the Father of four wonderful children. And for the first time, I am truly concerned about what kind of world we are leaving them. Will it be one where all the food and water is contaminated with radiation? Very nice. I'm sure future generations will appreciate it, look back and admire us for it. Will our children agree that the risk was worth it? We have stained our planet, over and over, without regard. Yeah, we just can't wait to get back into the Gulf and start drilling again, before the last mess is cleaned up. How utterly disgusting. Hey, why don't we throw a nuclear reactor on an oil platform while we're at it? I'm almost 50, and I don't think I've ever been more pissed off in my entire life.

I've had enough of all the lies, information embargo, and the complete and utter failure of both Canada and the U.S. Governments in being responsible to us, the very people who pay them, and pay them very well, to protect us, inform and advise us, on such serious matters as monitoring radiation levels in air, rain, drinking water, milk, and wherever necessary in the food chain. Scaling back on testing now? "Ummm, excuse me there Mr. EPA Director, but I think you meant to say "step up", on testing, didn't you?" Hey, I may not be a Nuclear Scientist, or a Meteorologist, but I am pretty good at a lot of things, not the least of which, is "common sense". And oh yeah, by the way, a Nuclear Scientist and a Meteorologist also said it might be GOOD FVKING IDEA to step up on testing too! Maybe fish from Japan would be a good start you ignorant anthropoids!

Any shills deciding to call me out on this, F-off in advance. Anyone uncomfortable by what I have said, should be.

To the rest, make the most of every day. Enjoy each moment that you have with your family, your loved ones, and your friends. Please don't let this, or any other crisis get the best of you, we all have to carry on, no matter what. And finally, try to do something nice for a stranger, wherever and whenever you have the opportunity.

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