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Saturday, 3 August 2013

Leaked Japanese religious document: "Radiation is a priceless spiritual gift." Dossier 7: misc doc restrict


TRANSMIT 09:12 Cat. 2863-c

Preliminary ideas for possible inclusion of material for official doctrinal position of  __________, a major Japanese Buddhist sect.

Provisional translation by __________.

Originally an internal document for Abbot (monastic head) level only, it has been leaked by a self-described "foolish monk following his conscience."


Neither man nor nature has the power to make a turning wheel without recourse to an empty hub at which the spokes meet yet do not touch. To understand this aspect of emptiness is called "wisdom". To know how to actually construct the wheel and roll it through the dusty marketplace is  called "The practice of daily life." The wheel's inventor is considered the genius, while the man in the market is thought to be nothing so special.

But would the fist man's genius mean anything at all without the second man? This is an important question, but still one asked from shallow eyes. Deeper eyes ask: "But have we not forgotten the name of the wheel-inventor anyway? And who remembers the cart-man's name either? Both did their jobs and now their names are gone. Is this not fitting?  The wheel matters most. To be lost in names is folly." And yet nothing can be done without knowledge and names.

And so again we are called upon to see through both shallow eyes and deep eyes.

Points considered by the Kyoto Committee  thus far yield suggested narrative elements as follows. The ultimate construction of the narrative (or replacement with a different narrative) will be completed in 3 weeks by the _______ Committee of Abbots. Your input is also sought and would be most appreciated

The basic rhetorical tact is to demonstrate to the layman the fact that radiation gives rise to a conjunction of extremely powerful spiritual opportunities. The layman will ideally see resonances with familiar Buddhist concepts such as calm surrender to the inevitable, understanding birth and death as illusory, embracing the ultimate provisional nature of self, and so on.

As will soon become apparent, most people will be unable to leave Tokyo after the aquifer information is released next week. Your behavior as a holder of our lineage seal will be instrumental not only in helping laymen prepare themselves spiritually for this difficult reality,  but also to assist the authorities and His Majesty the Emperor in securing a  calm and orderly national polity. To this end, full cooperation with Shinto officials as well as Buddhist monks from other lineages is also necessary and this assumed. This will be the most difficult challenge of your religious career. Please exert your utmost efforts for the sake of national calm and order.

Within each true mantra of the Buddha-dharma, the vocalization of the sacred mantra brings forth a vibration that stands at the sacred nexus of body, speech, and mind. We have the incomparable benefit of having been born human beings, and thus we are able to use such nexi as entry points to the Dhamadatu (or Hongaku, ground of being, original enlightenment, "your face before you were born, nado).

Vibration manifests repeatedly at every level of reality. Any kind of pattern that oscilates between 2 opposites gives rise to a waveform, which of course is another word for a vibration. Vibration describes the eternal cycles of yin and yang, night and day, man and woman, war and peace, prosperity and ruin, and so forth. The higher the frequency of vibration, the more energy involved, in both physical systems and more abstractly in other aspects of life. So we see vibration is an enormously important foundational  concept, physically and metaphysically.

Radiation is a form of extremely high-frequency vibration, containing massive amounts of energy. The layman can be led to understand that, as ultimately there is no separation between the spiritual and the physical, confronting radiation is a chance to confront and work with a form of vibration that contains more energy and power than the more familiar oscillations of daily life (night-day, winter-summer, happiness-sorrow, etc). Thus, by accepting this energy, the seeker has a chance to accomplish much more in a single lifetime than would be possible in many incarnations of lower-energy incarnations. Radiation presents a precious spiritual opportunity.

The true nature of reality
The Madyamaka perspective teaches us the ultimate emptiness of provisional existence (ie, the non-existence of impossible ways of being), and the independent co-arising of all phenomena. Thus we affirm that are no intrinsically self-contained things existing separate from the rest of the cosmos.  A leaf depends on the sun, soil, rain, etc for its being, and it in turn gives rise to the causes and conditions necessary for other phenomena in the universe. Ultimately this dense network of mutual causality is completely self-contained.

Thus, the seeker's energy merely transitions from one state to another within the same system. Ultimately, there is nothing to fear from being swept awY by the high-energy tide of radiation.

What are the takeaways for the layman?
As the radiation courses through the body, it makes manifest activity within the electromagnrfic field, which runs through all things and connets them. As the seeker's physical body decays, it is not a cause for sorrow -- it is a cause for joy. Because the seeker is finally being released from the illusion of seperarion and merging with the pure energy field that pervades the universe.

Now we come to self-transcendence Ultimately, the goal of all life is the annihilation of the ego and the final liberation from the endless samsaric rounds or craving, delusion, and ignorance. By surrendering to the threat of radiation, the seeker can leap boldly beyond all karmic snares that could imprison him in suffering for countless incarnations.

During exposure to radiation, the seeker is accessing a tide of high-frequency vibration that can be transformed into spiritually liberating energy with the correct mind. Thus, the radiation offers a chance to boldly yet calmly assume the brunt of the karmic retribution here and now, cleansing for the ultimate release of the Stainless Adamantine realm.

Radiation is therefore a priceless spiritual gift and opportunity.

(The remainder of the document goes on to cite various religious texts as supporting evidence, contains suggested prayer and liturgical elements, etc. The document ends by saying the final doctrinal position paper will be released later to only the Abbots of major temples once finalized. It is to be part of a set of five documents, the other four being "Abbreviated funerary procedures for cases of mass burial," "Policies on cooperation with civil authorities,"  "Policies on temples as places of refuge in times of national crisis," and "Emergency-scenario financial policies for temples."


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