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Friday, 2 August 2013

Jim Pattenden: Heads in the sand


As the wind and currents blow from east to west...the united states is being slammed with fuku radiation from day one..,what spews out of the triple fuku meltdown comes to america...its in the firing line 24/7....365 days of the year....since fuku we have seen the many vids on the net from folk like our selves with geiger readings going off the charts...,japan is burring tons of radioactive waste across the country....japan is finished...god help america ,and europe we are getting hit here and the rads are spreading around the the uk our government has taken down our radiation monitoring sites same as in the us...there is a news media black out...its obvious our governmentst are not going to help us... the truthers have uncovered so much corruption since fuku..its blatant genocide .all night my stable of geiger counters here in the uk have been going off..high radiation....its time for action from the people....we all must wake up and collectively find solutions...or our children face a nightmare future...its up to more sticking our heads in the radioactive sand
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