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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

GLP and the threads have taken a turn with the latest Crisis reports from Fukushima, and Pattie L. Brassard's dire Aug-Sept Predictions?

Re: BREAKING : TEPCO PRESS CONFERENCE ...the situation is bleak....discharge is beyond on our control.... Fuku through the MSM has finally gone viral.. to late?... probably

From my response to a thread:


It is dire. whilst everyone sort of came went 'oh that is shocking' and left, i have followed and followed.

I met Mochizuki Iiori of Fukushima-Diary, and helped him channel donations from my post office box to his new home in Europe before he managed a bank account.

I met Fairwinds and the Gundersons after their first interview.

I know Rad chick of Nuke-radio, and we share our links across sites.

Ray Masalas and I chat, he's a contributing Author and Secretary of Zero-Nuclear French division.

I have my own TEPCO appointed shill, who has scoured the net for my name and photos of my home and other personal information (but thanks to GLP gets a flogging if he tries)

Many others, too many to mention, not to mention everyone here who has followed the story, the least of which is not Waterbug, SOR and Sweden AC and others.

The point is not to name names. The point is, by following with a passion, and sticking with reports, the story has been the one and the same from day one.

The people involved haven't changed and stuck to the guns, much like I.

The important people back then were the children and the people.

They were ignored, and pride and nationalism further has sealed their fate in Fukushima and beyond.

I believe, the time has well and truly gone.

I also believe we do the future generations an evil self centered disservice by acting as the saying goes 'we eat and drink, for tomorrow THEY die'

What will future generations think of us when they look back and say 'why the fuck didn't they do anything'!?

Society is acting like a deer in the headlights.

No matter how much I document, no matter how many threads, it has not been until the MSM report and NOW, NOW, everyone responds....

Atom-Twat has gone silent, as it can no longer be poo-pooed by his evil corporation.

I have just recieved rights from Soeks in Russia to be an Australian agent.

I should be ecstatic right? Not really, same problem here as everywhere. Nobody I talk to remembers. I say type in Fukushima Emergency, they say how do you spell that and what's it for. Probably why it's ranked number 1 google front page here for over a year with 9 million hits in 2 secs.... why, because nobody thought to bother to beat it. (beats IAEA and wiki as well).

So I'll just sit here and continue to report, thanks, and when the SHTF, which it already has, I just sort of shrug, grab a coffee or a beer, because I already know.

Off rant.

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