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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Breaking!, Cloud seeding to mitigate the drought in Japan, is it more sinister than we realize? Read this researched report from Esoteric Morgan from GLP

Synopsis of research claim:

1. Cloud seeding was used during Chernoybl to cause rain to arrest, slow or mitigate radiation airborne contamination from reaching Moscow and other important locations, leaving Belarus to bear the brunt.
2. Using Silver to seed the clouds, this can cause radiocative Iodine do be further spread.
3. The Japanese are stating that due to sever drought, cloud seeding will be used to cause more rain to assist in this drought (however, further research also indicates that this methodology has been proven to be ineffective)
So, why the cloud seeding?
Read this proposition...
Reproduced in full with Author consent.

[Research snip]

To: Citizenperth
From: Esoteric Morgan
Subject: I think you need to see this thread PRONTO
Date: 8/25/2013 - 4:01 PM
Thread: Tokyo Switches On Rainmaking Machine To Combat Severe Drought!!

It is a plan to seed clouds over Tokyo to induce rain.

After reading the rain angle, I was certain it needed to be rebuttd, so I have just spent HOURS researching this, and found that this could very well DESTROY Tokyo.

I do not want to post this 'research' on that thread, because it will get lost.

I am reproducing it here for you to see, and use as your own, if you think I may have stumbled upon something important.

Remember that I wrote it as a reply to that thread, so that's the way it still reads. I hope you don't mind me sending this to you, as it is VERY LONG. But covers a lot of variables.


I think this is a very very BAD idea!

Something is telling me here's more going on here than looking to make it rain.

Considering hot particles are in the air from Fukushima, rain -which captures isotopes as it comes down- is not exactly what you'd want falling on people, land, food and drinking water.

"It is believed, although not confirmed, that Russia partook in cloud seeding in order to orchestrate the radioactive clouds to rain over a relatively unpopulated area of Belaurs rather than to risk that they would rain over the much more densely populated cities of Moscow or St. Petersburg. The result is that the plains of Belarus received the brunt of the radioactive storm, and there is still radioactive fallout in the area, decades after the fact-a fallout that has killed and deformed many."

[link to]


'How we made the Chernobyl rain'

By Richard Gray12:01AM BST 22 Apr 2007

"Russian military pilots have described how they created rain clouds to protect Moscow from radioactive fallout after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986.

Major Aleksei Grushin repeatedly took to the skies above Chernobyl and Belarus and used artillery shells filled with silver iodide to make rain clouds that would "wash out" radioactive particles drifting towards densely populated cities.

More than 4,000 square miles of Belarus were sacrificed to save the Russian capital from the toxic radioactive material."...

...the population in Belarus was exposed to radiation doses 20 to 30 times higher than normal as a result of the rainfall, causing intense radiation poisoning in children.
read more: [link to]

AND, it can produce fierce downpours [which I have also read are unpredictable and unreliable]:

"As early as WWII, experiments had been conducted that successfully made it possible to 'alter' the natural course of weather by dropping silver iodide from a plane onto the top of clouds. The result is not only a near-immediate rain, but also a much more fierce rain than usual."
[link to]

One has to wonder when a technology this old is still considered in a development and research stage, wile banned/illegal in many of our states and some countries.


So, I looked a bit into silver iodide to see if it has any of it's own radioactive properties...which it may or may not, as it seems to appear in both radioactive and non-radioactive forms, although I could not find anything on its non-radioactive form that explicitly said 'non-radioactive silver iodide" to add here.

"Retention and relatively rapid absorption of iodine has also been observed in mice and sheep that
inhaled radioiodine as either sodium iodide or silver iodide particulate aerosols..." 

[link to]

"In 1934 It was reported by Szilard and Chalmers that radioactive iodine produced by thermal neutron irradiation of ethyl iodide could be extracted into an aqceous phase. Then by being reduced to iodide and precipitated as silver iodide, the concentrated radioactive iodide could be obtained (253)."
[link to]

With all this in mind, I can only wonder if seeding these clouds is somehow designed to help explain-away increased radioactivity in Tokyo...because if it rains, there WILL be much higher levels.

The fact that the process is said to have devastated Belarus makes Japan's plan sound either tragically stupid, or deceptively criminal.

Here's more to consider:

Silver iodide has applications in medicine as a localized radiation source for treatment of cancers.

"radioactive implants comprising iodine-125 in the form of silver iodide used as a radioactive source in brachytherapy:"
[link to]

FINALLY It may be that someone in Japan has read the following two studies and has convinced authorities there that employing parts of such models is better than doing nothing, especially as people are starting to want something more than being told to smile.

These papers show that Silver Iodide is also used as a means to capture radioactive iodine, although from what I've read temperatures of about 100° C. or higher are needed, and this MUST be done in a closed chamber:

Radioactive Iodine Capture in Silver-Containing Mordenites through Nanoscale Silver Iodide Formation:

very short excerpt:
"The effective capture and storage of radiological iodine (129I) remains a strong concern for safe nuclear waste storage and safe nuclear energy. Silver-containing mordenite (MOR) is a longstanding benchmark for iodine capture; however, the molecular level understanding of this process needed to develop more effective iodine getters has remained elusive.
[link to]


"In a nuclear power plant such as a nuclear generation facility, it is an important issue to suppress emission of radioactive gas, particularly radioactive iodine composed of an organic iodine compound whose main component is molecular iodine (129I2, 131I2, 133I2, hereinafter, simply "I2") and methyl iodide (CH3129I, CH3131I, CH3133I, hereinafter, simply "CH3I") to the air, from a standpoint of preserving the ambient environment."

Technical Problem

[0011] In a conventional adsorbent in which alumina is impregnated with silver nitrate or silver sulfate and an organic layer is provided on the surface thereof as described in Patent Literature 2, a high radioactive iodine removal performance can be obtained in a relatively high temperature atmosphere of about 100° C. or higher. However, the radioactive iodine removal performance decreases at a normal temperature, and thus it becomes difficult to obtain a sufficient radioactive iodine removal performance and to obtain an adsorbent that can maintain a high radioactive iodine removal performance stably in a high-humidity atmosphere, and the adsorbent may not be able to be used for a long time.

Solution to Problem

[0017] According to a second aspect of the present invention, there is provided the radioactive iodine adsorbent according to the first aspect, wherein the impregnated substance further contains at least one of potassium iodide, iodine, and silver.

Read more: [link to]

So, while there's a good deal of information to be found on the use of silver iodide to seed clouds and such, why the Japanese would employ this when studies show the following, makes no sense:

-that it could be radioactive
-that results are short-lived and unpredictable
-that it can cause crazy HEAVY downpours and flooding
-but, it NOT considered an effective remedy for drought
-that it can even cause snow (read aboutits use in New Zealand)
-that it will capture upper level radiation and rain it down onto populations with devastating effects, such as cause worse radiation exposure by super-contaminating EVERYTHING, even food and water.

This is why I am somewhat doubtful of the official story.

I know that desperate situations may require desperate measures, but potential genocide is not something to 'try' in hopes that this time it works out better.

[ends snip]

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