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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

A reminder of the immensity of the global nuclear experiment by Christina MacPherson

and this is what i am talking about

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 Nuclear Experimentation: Year 68. Oped News By Ethan Indigo Smith, 20 Aug 13

"..........Admittedly the global nuclear experiment is difficult to wrap one's head around, but the fact is that we know it is made up of entropy and death.  Here are a few simple ideas to remind people  who have chosen to remain ignorant of nuclear experimentation because it is nightmarish and complicated:

1.        Primarily and originally weaponry.

2.        Some elements used in the experiment will remain toxic the next couple of million years, others the next couple hundred thousand.

3.        The nuclear industry elements must be mined which like other mining as well as oil and natural gas extraction destroys the environment it is mined from, the area it is processed in and the area it is used.

4.        The nuclear experimentation industry is based on secrets beginning with militarization in World War Two.  The nuclear experimentation industry is based on lies beginning with the first meltdowns and illegal dumping of who knows what in around in beautiful southern California at Santa Susana Labratories where all information was hidden and covered up.

5.        Nuclear experimentation threatens the genetic viability of all the world's offspring, of all your children and children's children.

6.        Nuclear experimentation requires that nothing go wrong ever.  Fukushima proved natural disasters lead to nuclear disaster.  Chernobyl proved natural human imperfection leads to nuclear disaster.

7.        Currently there are about four hundred nuclear power generation experiments in the world.  Consider the two major disasters, Fukushima and Chernobyl, unfolding requiring massive generational work just so the problems do not spread making more and more of the planet uninhabitable.  That's about 450 nuclear power generation experiments over 70 year span resulting in two global catastrophes.

8.        There has already been a nuclear war on Earth Mother.  There have been over 2,000 atomic/nuclear detonations in and on every strata of creation.

9.        After Fukushima the EPA turned off public access to radiation monitors.........

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