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Sunday, 28 July 2013

The lies and obfuscation by JP Government, TEPCO and why?

Let us imagination for a moment that there is something seriously wrong.

Drinking decontaminated water o national television as a stunt for the public releases back in 2012

There are major reports of high releases of irradiated 'unknown sources', into the atmosphere, sea, and ground water , which (by the way), are a mystery to the reporting power that should be fixing it.

What does this say to the normal persons?

It is under control?

have no fear 'TEPCO' is here?

moreover we have no imperical data otherwise other that it is always

"not yer understood"
"being studied"
"researched further"

to nullify the aforementioned are more statements that include

"yet to be verified"

do you want these people building a car, let a lone a nuclear reactor that processes Plutonium.. the singular most dealt element to all life on the planet?

I leave you with that ponder.
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