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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Steam seen in Fukushima reactor building

Steam has been spotted in the No. 3 reactor building at the Fukushima No. 1 power plant, but there was no sign yet of increased radiation, Tepco said Thursday.
The incident, which Tokyo Electric Power Co. said was not “an emergency situation,” is the latest event underlining how precarious the plant remains more than two years after it was wrecked by tsunami.
“Steam has been seen around the fifth floor of the reactor 3 building,” a Tepco spokesman said.
The roof of the building was blown away in a hydrogen explosion at the beginning of the crisis in March 2011, sparked when cooling systems were flooded with seawater after the huge March 11 undersea quake.
“(The steam) was drifting thinly in the air and it’s not like a big column of steam is spurting up,” the spokesman said. “Neither the temperature of the reactor nor readings at radiation monitoring posts have gone up.
“We do not believe an emergency situation is breaking out, although we are still investigating what caused this,” he said.
The pool is on the fifth floor and stores devices and equipment removed from the reactor before the disaster as part of regular operations.
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TEPCO state no raise in radiation ?!?!?

daily adding to their impressive list of lies.....

update from fukushima-diary

2nd update

Emergency press conference:


Tepco to hold an extraordinary press conference about reactor3 “steam” at the headquarters

Following up this article..Steam still coming up from reactor3 at 13:00 JST / Tepco prepared to inject boric acid [URL]

According to Tepco, they are going to have an emergency press conference at 18:00 (JST).
They are to announce the situation of the “steaming” reactor3. The location is in the headquarters.

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