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Monday, 15 July 2013

'Mael' on Godlike Productions Web Site responds to Rally in Japan Post

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Re: Mass anti-nuclear rally in Japan right now.. so where is the mass media coverage?
I also am glad Citizen Perth is out there keeping an eye on things.

The stance I take is that I have no idea what the truth is, because I am not an expert in such things, and have no way of evaluating them. I know that the mainstream media is not trustworthy, but I am not convinced that alarmist blogs are all that trustworthy either way. I just simply don't know. So I try to just keep an open mind and intake information.

For some reason this stance seems to piss off both those who are howling "doom!" and those who shriek "everything is OK, no problem." So I usually just keep my mouth shut and eyes open.
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I don't know what the per-centage is, but here (in Japan), either you know what's really going on or you are deaf.

An acquaintance here (in Amami) is here with his family from near Fukushima. They are clued-up. But just about everyone else is trying hard to convince themselves things are OK, or they reassure themselves by saying "shoganai" - (it can't be helped).

Of course it can fornicating be 'helped.'

I'm around 2,000kms South from Fu. My (gamma) meter usually says the ground outside my kitchen door is around 0.12 - 0.15uSv/hr. But after some weather from the North it climbs. The highest I've registered so far here is 0.18uSv/hr. Even at 0.1 the level is such that it would have been deemed unsafe to live in and would need to be 'decontaminated'.

Anyway, the days of 0.12uSv/hr are gone. I never see it below 0.13 these days. I can't understand it because the guvvyment tells me it's OK and the leaks are minimal and local. I cannot even entertain the thought that the J gov would lie to us. (Really).

Thou art correct insomuch as there is bugger all news of any protests. Such events are known only by eye-witnesses. News vanishes as it walks down the road.

I can understand why they want the nukes on-line again. If they use those things then they can make more profit by not having to pay for more imported oil or gas. The public pick up the tab for building and deconstructing nukes, so all the electric companies have to do is channel the profits from the sale of electricity into their bank accounts.

Nothing will stop the J gov with their forcing nukes to re-open for their sponsors such as TEPCO. This was known to me on the outset. The J gov have many skeletons in their closet about mass-poisonings of people by wealthy corporations with friends in high places. It's ALWAYS the same:- They just drag the whole thing out for as long as possible and at the end there is no one left alive to compensate, and few remember - well, the media here doesn't remind anyone.

That acquaintance of mine with his family spoke of relatives remaining in and around Fukushima and everyone they mentioned has now got cancer. That's sisters, brothers, mothers, aunts etc... .

I, along with lots of others - including the OP here were aware from the outset what is going to occur because nothing practical is being done to prevent the radiation leaking, and actively encouraging people to live and work in highly radioactive areas. Even the schoolkids all over Japan are getting "blended" rice - which is rice that is grown far from Fukushima which isn't so radioactive, with highly radioactive Fukushima stuff - so one spoonful might be OK, but the next could be well over even the ridiculously high level the gov has been told to say is safe.

I and others who aren't blind to the truth are making an effort to limit the amount of radionuclides breathed and ingested, but we can only do so much, and there's no guarantee because most only have gamma-counters, and the stuff we need to be aware of is more beta. Still - we do what we can.

Some people I speak to are very surprised when I mention Fukushima and the dangers because a lot of folk have literally forgotten about it. All the media ever says is lies and half-truths to obfuscate and make everything seem all right.

Well our electricity rates have spiked over 20% since the plant went up, and everything else has as well. Taxes are still in the process of being hiked, and next year we get an added 3% on our 'consumption tax.' So everything we use money to get will be 3% dearer - as if it isn't already almost impossible to keep the bills paid. Wages are going down... services are being axed.

The oldies are denied life-saving treatment, and the population is decreasing - the government has no idea as to why people aren't having kids, of course.

I hate being one of the few who knows what's going on and what will happen. All I can say when we get news like 'all fish caught off Honshu's East Coast are highly radioactive,' is "of course." Others hearing me say this might cock their heads to the side and look at me quizzically because they wonder how anyone could have come to the conclusion that a triple meltdown that has been left to get worse could possibly be bad because the gov says not to worry.

Every now and then I wonder where I might get a hold of a cyanide pill so if things get too bad I have an option. I'm not expecting to die from a radiation-related illness, but I am expecting to see it all around me. It's started in earnest already - with the kids.

The alcos from Skid Row aren't so easy to con into doing stints in Fukushima cleaning up and doing photo ops, so there aren't enough bodies to do what needs to be done, andthe 'workers' up there doing to actual work are likely to be qualified and experienced in nothing more than how to hold a bottle and how to piss against a pole.

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