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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Rad Alert for Tokyo right now

reactor three has been steaming hardcore i put an alert out on my wall. i showed with speedi data with it. we should post it on your site
sure you want to or me
i not slept all night and took tomorrow off so i'm good
want to send through your data
or you can post it as a pre-post
i think now is when people need to know
this is the plume Looks like the radioactive steam rising from reactor 3 MOX plutonium is blowing to Tokyo right now. Speedi map shows plume
this is my alert : Alert again reactor 3 MOX plutonium steaming away into the atmosphere. Evacuate Japan there is high probable chance this reactor could explode again. Reactor 3 has been visibly seen steaming on and off all this month. can visibly see r3 steaming away today seems like its getting more intense compared to last week. Stay out of the rain friends

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