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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

I've been scouring Australia for survival gear, and I have also lined up a deal with Russian Soeks

Welcoming Exitkits, An Australian Owned and Family operated Survival gear store.

They have it all, and I know the Owner. (nice guy)

Australia has a lack of both the above mentioned, so I have sourced the lot.

Emergency Survival Gear Australia

Please take a moment to look at the review of their page that is now perma-linked for the thousands of requests I have received.

I have also secured a detail with Soeks directly for their new both Geiger counter  and accumulated dosage meter! stay tuned.....

Dosimeter «DEFENDER» is made for measurement of the radiation background and cumulative dose,
 detection of objects, food, building materials contaminated with radioactive elements.
Dosimeter makes a valuation of radiation background and cumulative dose by the power size of ionizing radiation
 (gamma and beta – particles flux) with an allowance of X-rays.

ps: If you are Northern New South Wales take a look at Nickel energy for all your solar needs (mention this page for specials :)
NICKEL Energy Solar: Do your bit to save the Planet

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