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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Is this an accurate map?

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WindyMind from GLP

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It is on a thread right now and I could imagine it to be true but would rather that you said no that's bogus. :)
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Hard to say

1. The Units of measurement for Japan vs the ones in the US are using different measurements; ie: CPM vs uSv and nSv

I postulate that this is to obfuscate the data.

2. The readings maybe coherent, but I would love to sea the satellite weather trends and maps as well overlaid.

ie: There is a large Cyclone in the region that would be pushing the jet stream to West Coast US (big danger there) given current readings.

Last, the Japanese readings are a hoax in consideration of the current trending upward; if you look at each of the posts, the green 'normal' radiation indicators are WAY off being correct about safety levels given the amount represented in the numerical data.

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