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Monday, 15 July 2013

In Iwaki, Fukushima, since today swimming is newly ALLOWED: D'un Renard (contributing Author)


Laurent Mabesoone
 ... for the first time since the disaster! And TV Asahi proudly announces that radioactivity measurings are "below the limit of detection" ... FUNNY! The detection limit, it depends on how longtime you take to measure, that's it! If you measure 20 minutes for the water, it makes a detection limit of about 20 Bq / l ... and then the kids can drink the cup 19 bq / l? AND ABOVE ALL, the problem is: the metering becquerels used by the authorities in Japan only test gamma rays, so only detect two radioactive cesium ... and, as everyone knows, the big problem with the water of the Ocean, are the Strontium 90 (only beta rays) and plutonium 239 (only alpha rays). In addition, the tepco has just recognized that groundwater from the corium (load plutonium) leaks "probably) to the ocean! And voila, we see these kids swallowing seawater on TV, and nobody says anything .. . the world is crazy, Japan is crazy!

はあ!?だ・か・ら、その「検出限界」って、正確にはどのぐらいなんだよ?数十ベクレル?数分しか測らないと何でも「検出限界未満」になるからね!、言え ないの??インチキ報道陣!どうせ、ベータ線(ストロンチウム)とアルファ線(プルトニウム)は測っていないだろう! ところで、おりしも今、地下から漏 れているって東伝でも認めているんだよ!溶融燃料からのアルファ線もベータ線も!この映像は、子供達が間違えて海水を飲んでいるところも映っているよ。な んという世の中だ!、、、
[end snip]

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