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Sunday, 14 July 2013

For circulation in Europe

XavierNast the delta of the Rhine in the Netherlands is irrigated by the waters of cooling of 17 nuclear power plants and 40 reactors more which half is to MOX (plutonium).
Countries: Germany, Belgium (Cattenom, Chooz and Fessenheim) France, Switzerland the Rhine basin is more than 60 million people.
If the power plant Beznau in Switzerland, one of the oldest in the world, 43 years of activity and which was converted to run on MOX, explodes the river pollution will irrigate the entire area.
Combating anti nuclear concerns not only the readers of this page, it should concern all those who risk a heavy contamination radiotoxique and all those who are empathetic.
Nuclear has no borders, that is why the next action will be European and will take place March 9, 2014 along the Rhine (Rhine made more than 1200 km long and crosses 4 densely populated countries.)
Circulate for local actions. by Bing)
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