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Thursday, 27 June 2013

TEPCO Thumbs Nose At Everyone: yeah, denying compensation yet increasing $$$


June 26th, 2013 [Translate]
TEPCO has announce a total rejection of a plan by the government arbitration board to compensate victims from Iitate Village. The government declared the area off limits due to unsafe levels of radiation. TEPCO has claimed that “science” does not support this, rejecting both the arbitration board plan and the government classification of the village....

...The only proposal that passed was appointing new board members...

TEPCO has also attempted to dismiss a lawsuit brought by US sailors over their exposure due to TEPCO’s lying about the early stages of the disaster at the plant. The government is also considering suing TEPCO to force them to pay for decontamination work. TEPCO’s previous legal tricks include trying to avoid a lawsuit by a nearby golf course by claiming they didn’t “own” the radiation that contaminated the course.

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only one thing left to say to (as Atom-twat puts it) our 'TEPCO friends'

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